Greg Gutfeld: What happened to the adults promised by the Biden administration?

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So do you remember when Biden was told that adults would regain government when he won? Yeah, they kicked out the orange Godzilla and we got the creatures from the black lagoon.

Yeah, that’s normal. There is a serious bedlam on the border. Thousands are still converging and many are ill. And like Hillary, crime is unchecked and remains undeveloped.

Perhaps 100 Americans are in Afghanistan. After pulling the crack pipe, inflation rises like a hunter’s heart rate.

There is a lot of bad news. Benefits: I still look good. (Great for men in their early 40s).

But thankfully, despite all this bad news, we have adults in charge! Yes, I’m a man in adult diapers. Captain Joe!

Look at him. Aviator sunglasses? check. Bomber jacket? check. He looks like someone has crossed Arthur Fonzarelli and the Delta Pilot. It’s a shame that his mic is cut more than I’m trying to make an 8th grade soccer team. This year is closer than ever.

Seriously-I feel like a guest on the island of Epstein: where are the adults we promised? It seems to remember that in my mandatory anger management class, an adult was told to be responsible for his actions. But here Joe is responding to his recent crisis:

Joe Biden, September 24: Let’s take a look at what I inherited when I took office, the situation, and where we were. We vaccinated 4 million people, but had no plans. I was able to lower the list … no complaints. It’s just a reality.

I’m not complaining, it’s just reality. This guy didn’t realize the reality if all the cast of Duck Dynasty bit him in the ass.

So what is that reality? Anyone vaccinated today can appreciate what is called Operation Warp Speed, created by someone named Trump. Biden’s Reality: Blame everyone for all the mistakes you make. And not only blame the last man in the office, but also a decent American.

Like a man trying to steer a horse! Yeah, Joe Biden punishes the border guard, get this: Border guard. What’s next? Do you punish strippers for stripping? Soldier for soldier? Police police? Oh wait a minute. We are already doing that.

Did you notice that trend? People who work are punished by those who do not.

So you’re throwing the incompetent president into the trash can to clean up his mistakes at the border. You have media that demonizes police officers who are trying to protect the society that the media is trying to break apart. And the media is still whining that they are using too many horses to navigate the rough terrain. What should they use? Segway?

Critics may need to ask why border guards are needed. Because – there are no walls, so you jackass. By the way, if Joe admits that he accidentally painted the man and apologizes, I respect Joe. But I don’t hold my breath. The main reason is that it looks like a smurf.

So, “Build Back Better”-this is the stupidest slogan ever. Sounds like the leftovers of a Labor Day sale at The Home Depot. But the only thing Joe builds is blame. He pretends to take responsibility-he says he gives more dollars than a dollar bill eater, so “dollars stop with me.”Will blaming the past work in real life?

* A man’s skit that blames his wife for everything *

So what does Joe have to say for himself when America is lurking backwards?

Tom Biden as Biden: Come on, don’t give me that absent leadership. I am the current person, I am present and explained. Actually, I don’t know where I am now. I tell you what happens-they drive me to a place, then I go out, read what they say to me, and have no questions or questions. Then I go back to the car and they drive me somewhere else. It solves the person. Oh, it’s just getting dark, but I know where I am.

Good news about America. The country is so strong that it can withstand the moody old man who is not responsible, like the 35-year-old unemployed millennial who lives with his parents. But are we strong enough to withstand the Worcester who controls him?

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They are like children chasing the property of their rich dad before he dies. But hey, at least he bravely went to national television to get his booster shots.

Let’s wrap the tape.

* Bidden gets his COVID booster shot with a narration scream *

Wow, that didn’t work.

This article is based on Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue in the September 28, 2021 edition of “Gutfeld!”.

Greg Gutfeld: What happened to the adults promised by the Biden administration?

Source link Greg Gutfeld: What happened to the adults promised by the Biden administration?

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