Greg Gutfeld: We need to defend free speech and the Left will return to a ‘pathway of intolerance’

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So remember a few months ago when Joe Rogan got COVID and the D-oral bags of the media said he was taking prescription drugs? Sorry, did I mention the false D bags?

My stupid idea, D-bag lies.

MSNBC: Can you believe it, like Joe Rogan? He took medicine.

DON LEMON: He said he was taking some medications, including one that was intended for deworming animals.

JIM ACOSTA: If you’re missing out, Rogan said the word ivermectin. Yes, it is a deworming plant that is designed to kill parasites in farm animals.

BRIAN STELTER: When you get a government -weakened horse medicine, that’s why some people really try this kind of crazy that we like to try. It’s the upside-down world we live in with characters like Joe Rogan.

A box of ivermectin is indicated as a drug when the medications are taken later.
((AP Photo/Mike Stewart))

—- Lio pila? Like a horse —-. In fact, ivermectin has been approved for human use for many years. Even though these dopes OD’d things to turn you into a horse–. Remember, these are the people who made everything wrong.

They can see what Rogan put in his mouth, but miss everything that comes out of Chris Cuomo.

Stelter is also ironic to emphasize to anyone about COVID, as he is a walker for every health disease on Earth. He was a Petri bowl wearing big shirts. It is in health problems that horse dust flies. He had to cover to limit his sighting of the Cinnabons.

I mean, what advice do you want? Rogan, who was built like a stone wall, or Stelter, who was built like an avocado without? As usual, their laughter was based on lies, they did not stop. So Rogan called CNN’s own medical professional.

JOE ROGAN: Do you think this is a problem that your news site has been hacked?

SANJAY GUPTA: Yes, I am not. i don’t. What did they say?

JOE ROGAN: Dude, they lied and said I was taking a horse dewormer. Have you ever had a problem with the fraudulent news site you run externally? It is a lie that I took the horse.

SANJAY GUPTA: They don’t need to say that.

JOE ROGAN: Why did they do so?

SANJAY GUPTA: i don’t know.

Podcaster Joe Rogan.

Podcaster Joe Rogan.
(Vivian Zink/Syfy/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal and Getty Images)

Being a doctor on CNN is like being an executive chef in a prison. It’s a good name, but you don’t put it on your Tinder page.

In fact, months later, Joe joined Spotify and those COVID lies came back. And in a final attempt to stay connected, singers Neil Young and Joni Mitchell threatened to record, demanding Spotify cast Rogan.

If anything bad happened, they lived in a trash can, which is probably where Joni Mitchell has lived since the 1970s.

It is surprising that the traditional defenders of intellectual freedom decided to become corporate censors. They went from buying playgrounds to just selling them. But if you’re not familiar with Neil Young or Joni Mitchell, here’s a picture of their album.


You see, they’re both from Canada, by the way. There must be something in the water on top. And in making their voices heard, it was a sword. Spotify has replaced the old bags, so the musicians have removed their rosters from Spotify. What do singers do?

Of course, in all of this, how do we cover it?

GUTFELD AND SEPATEMABA 2021: Nowadays, Rogan’s story is widely circulated – there is more to cover than a little of the problem covered for young people. And you get places like CNN jealous that Rogan has more power than they do, he adds. They don’t like his negative thoughts about free speech, physical activity and not God, not laughter.

GUTFELD AND FEBRUARY: No man on Earth would do more to open the divide than he did. The list of his guests was much different than before the opening of the Olympics, and they were allowed to talk endlessly about everything, so the audience could decide . That’s the antidote to cable TV, where shows rely on the same people to often say the same things. And no wonder CNN hated Rogan. It increases the whole world as they decrease.

I think I am the real hero. I heard I found a Rogan brass knuckle near the bong. Here he is on Tuesday on his podcast where he says Fox and others are back.

JOE ROGAN: Who would have thought that if you look at the early days, what we thought was conservative vs. liberal, liberal is pro-free speech, people are open-minded, non-aggressive, you know, and people are open to other things. human opinion. And Right as suppressive, you know, the nanny state, you know, condemning a word, condemning some kind of – that’s not the case today. Today, the Left f —— far-Left has gone.

That sound is very familiar. Keep going, Joe Ro.

JOE ROGAN: So the Righteous are the ones who celebrate the killers and celebrate Chappelle. They got my back in all the crazy stuff — I got. Fox News is the f —— behind me.

So this is what I mean from time immemorial, or at least since Kat was in her 40s, what you see is the big jump, where the left in a roadblock of intolerance.

We’re the only real defenders of intellectual freedom, it’s hard. It seems like I don’t do enough, learning how to smoke glass in marginalized communities.

But there is a promise we have made in recent years that we need to share the problem with the liberals who are being attacked.

Even if they hate us, if we defend those who don’t care for us, whether it’s Rogan or Maher or Chappelle, they probably know the value of a missionary, because giving to our only problem and the fight for our independence. . That is the right thing to do, and it is something we have seen before here, to be patient in the same care for years.

FLASHBACK: JOE ROGAN TO THE MEDIA: “No answer to me,” because “you do better”

No one knew better than us – boycotts, cultural exclusion – I went there. Insults, name -calling, threats of abuse. And that’s all I got from Geraldo.

So we would be happy to avoid others even if they are hard -pressed to be liberals. Perhaps they hate us. Doesn’t matter. We need them more than we want them because you see the south side and there are more fighting sides, only one side is really fighting, and the other side is just leaving. ana.

It’s like marrying a crazy friend.

Now, while the Left has acted unscrupulous, the North has lost its flaws and replaces them with fun diseases. We go from Jerry Falwell to this. What do you want your children to grow up to be?

Yes, it’s a bad example – not because someone is dead and someone is dead inside. We are the side of independence and the side of language. In fact, we were the only f —— party. Because, on the other hand, there is no party.

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The fun is faster than Joe Biden’s first lobes because we know when you throw in the free speech, the other free ones follow, and so does the fun, people, so also fun. By giving your hand to the victims, they often walk around.

You can oppose many things, but one thing you cannot give up is your right to speak and your ability to share.

So, hello, Joe. Happy to help – we’ll hit ourselves on the back to get yours.

Greg Gutfeld: We need to defend free speech and the Left will return to a ‘pathway of intolerance’

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