Greg Gutfeld: Spies shouldn’t have a secret identity and aren’t openly identified as 18 different?

Last week’s Oscar was disappointing. The Cuz CIA should have been able to go home with more money than William Devane.

Have you seen their latest recruitment video? It is a bitter depiction of a woman’s victory over prejudice and injustice in a world full of pain and turmoil.

CIA recruitment video: I’m a woman of color, a mother, and a cisgender millennial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, “she says, with dramatic stringed music playing in the background. It’s not a box check practice.

Wait … didn’t she just check all the boxes? By the way, the person who actually says “I’m crossing”. So besides my sofa? Details are here.

CIA Recruitment Video: I used to suffer from w fraudster syndrome, but at the age of 36, internalizing false patriarchal ideas about what women can and should do. Reject. I want you to be you without apologizing, no matter who you are.

What we wanted from a secret agent was an agent who would blow the cover 5 seconds after meeting you. They replaced the CIA with TMI. Let’s talk about oversharing. And how can this person do a sting operation? The spy should have a secret identity and has not openly identified it as 18 different. Forget your name, rank and serial number.

“Yes, my name is Susan Thomas. I’m an art dealer traveling abroad. But in reality I’m a bisexual, non-binary gender studies graduate, student debt and childhood at the CIA. I have a trauma. Out. Now I have to kill you. “

Whether you’re Latin-x or Scottish, the overall point of being at the CIA isn’t true to our identity. Especially if you are Scottish. Bagpipes are dead gifts.

So I say, get over yourself. Or “self”. But sadly, awakening is now the way we do business, and even the CIA is working on it.

The man I was stupid. Like playing hacky sack and listening to Cat Stevens, when I graduated I thought this kind of PC bilge had an expiration date. When you graduated from college, you realized that something like this was worthless. I was wrong. Wookesters are now officially everywhere, drowning us in their boxcheck words.

Can you imagine being cross-examined by a new era of agents? Talk about torture.

“Ahmed, I saw you buy pipe bomb material. You obviously, as a result of your living experience as your survivor, you become your best, most genuine self. Racist, classicist patriarchal colonists who were trying to prevent them from becoming chronic pee, or creative pee as we call it. ”

You confess something so that they don’t get hooked on themselves.

“Yes, yes, there was a bomb in my shoes. Don’t force me to list my favorite color role models!”

So I admit that this is like shooting a salmon grown in a sustainable way in a barrel. This video is not completely confidential. And this woman serves her country-very good for her. All the flashing Yahoo on Earth can see how stupid America’s best intelligence agencies really are. Even Twitter laughed. But it’s not the CIA.

These videos came from multiple meetings and strategic sessions. The fact that they put this out there is a kind of huge blind spot. And spy agencies should not have blind spots. May my dad get earrings on his 50th birthday.

Maybe this video will get people to join the CIA. But I-Malarchy at this level couldn’t get me into the orgy. But maybe that’s the point. Another non-binary crossing type means that there is one less angry white man like me on staff-yes, is it an angry white man?

Tom Shiryu as an “angry white man”: How do I describe myself? An ordinary person I guess. I like sports, I think I like my work. I love my family. What is the news? Because I hate the news.

You will wonder what the world thinks about this. Our enemies are laughing like Don Lemon on a bicycle. That’s the image I think is humorous. In fact, we have foreign enemies who only dream of killing each of us every day. Oprah-level college-approved gender and race issues do not seem to scare them.

CIA pushes back as “embarrassment”, “awakening promotion” after critic slum’s new recruitment ad

And by now, have you ever wondered what a politically correct secret agent looks like? We have already done.

New James Bond Movie Parody Trailer

Narrator: This Christmas, Bond is back like you’ve never seen.

James Bond: Are you hungry? There was something extra.

Theif: Are you not going to hurt me?

Bond: Of course not. Violence is very uncivilized.

Narrator: It’s the same James Bond you know and love. Rewritten in 2018 to please the most progressive and socially conscious movie fans.

Bartender: What will it be? Let me guess. Martini, shake without steer?

Bond: Latte. Soy milk latte. Without extra caffeine.

Bartender: No extra caffeine?

Bond: Are the beans procured in a sustainable way? I only drink homemade, non-abuse coffee grown on organic farms.

Bartender: I don’t know.

Narrator: Conspiracy and suspense.

Villain: Your move 007.

Bond: Is that so? Isn’t it a serious story? I don’t know how to play this game. I recently saw Ted Talk that competitive activity fosters toxic masculinity, downplays deprived communities, and fosters an unjust hierarchy reinforced by a prejudiced and corrupt system. I did.

Villain: You are bluffing.

Bond: What is a bluff?

Narrator: And it’s not a temptation-free Bond movie.

Woman: James, I had a really nice night.

Bond: You know, I don’t appreciate the heteronormativity assumptions in your proposition. It is a regressive anti-neofeminist rhetoric that perpetuates a patriarchal society of oppression and gender conquest. There are many things I want to contribute.

Woman: You might just say no.

Narrator: So get ready for the most politically correct secret agent ever. There is no gun. There is no gambling. There are no girls. It’s James Bond, a “spy who agreed to write that she loved me.”

Bond: You have to be Q

Doctor: I’m LGBTQ now

Bond: Cool.

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If you choose to accept it, your mission is to reject all kinds of Virtue signaling. good luck. This segment self-destructs in 5 seconds.

This article is based on Greg Gutfeld’s opening confession in the May 4, 2021 edition of “Gutfeld!”.

Greg Gutfeld: Spies shouldn’t have a secret identity and aren’t openly identified as 18 different?

Source link Greg Gutfeld: Spies shouldn’t have a secret identity and aren’t openly identified as 18 different?

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