Greg Gutfeld: Hunter Biden obscures himself as an injured party to sympathize with his sneaky behavior

Some cats are said to have nine lives, but if your dad is a Democrat who is backed by the press, multiplying that by 1000 will give you Hunter Biden.

Just threw an n-word like one of his empty crack pipes-what does the media choose to focus on? His new life as a full-time painter. I can’t blame him. No one can say that he is not qualified to paint what looks like a hobo vomit. Now they don’t allow us to show the picture, but believe me-it looks like a hobo vomiting. Believe me, I live in New York.I know what a hobo vomit looks like — it looks like a Hunter Biden picture

But I get a new profession. It’s harder to explain that he pays a man for an unqualified job than buying a hobo vomit from a Chinese businessman.

But instead of focusing on that, Artnet describes him as “an unpleasant person accused by the right and ignored by the left.” This exempts him from liability. This is not about his crimes, guns, drugs, strippers, or smears he made against others. No, hunters just want to talk about art. And Jeffrey Dahmer really liked the question about his poetry.

As Artnet says, “it’s art, and for Biden, everything is connected.” Except for his laptop, of course. But that’s the word: connected. Hunter is Joe’s son-relationship with a lifelong Democrat who knows how to anoint the circle of influence. And the railroad tracks of his acorn stairlift.

So forget about the hunter’s n-words a bit-difficult. The man thinks he is a love kid of Eazy-E and Michael Scott. The real racist act was when a hunter called two Mexican grocery workers “totally illegal.” (He was probably hammered so hard that he couldn’t pronounce it).

While being asked about a missing gun dumped in a trash can near the store, hunters tried to draw attention to two innocent people, referring to their immigration status. If this were any more racist, it would be an isolated fountain.

However, it is the hunters who get more free passes than the gamblers who lose at the casino buffet. And now he is personally exploring the universal truth. Well here is the truth. Until recently, hunters lived in a $ 5.4 million home. Who knew that crack addicts could be very successful? I got the wrong job. But he moved-he claimed to have been harassed by the evil right wing. But it can get angry with strippers looking for child support.

His artwork will be $ 750,000 to $ 500,000 per pop. He painted a landscape painting for his father. But Joe is convinced that it is another window in his bedroom. Anyway, that amount can buy a lot of straws-by the way, that’s how hunters draw. Blow a straw. That’s a great excuse when a policeman appears. “Sorry, they are pictures of snow-covered mountains.”

So why do we need to worry? Well, today we are full of endless examples of racism. It’s in our cartoons, food and clothing. Even our denial of racism is racist. There is a prejudice under every bed. 3 if you sleep in king size. It’s a big pastime. Focusing on a man in a MAGA hat reduces the chances of hitting Joe Biden’s corrupt nepotism. Look at the red hat and ignore the broken kid.

To save his son, he uses the phrase “systematically racist” to throw the entire country under the bus. And we are in the midst of immoral cooperation between an exciting activist and an exciting president. Nitro meets glycerin.

You see this in the enterprise. The new awakened extremism is busy for everyone. It is unlikely that a company will point out that it is dealing with a country that has a 12-year-old child tied to a worker’s bench for 14 hours. This is to teach workers anti-racism when they are paid by the company.

Places like The North Face can continue to make things from oil, Shake Shack can buy slaughtered cows for meat, the CIA can still operate masked operations-but you As long as you skip that pride flag or its BLM flag-(both probably made in China by the way)-you’re fine.


Virtue signaling in a company is like a bullfighter’s cloak. He stabs you while you look at the swirling cape. What does an angry white man say?

Tom Siriu, an angry white man: Art is a mystery to me, but I have come to respect its power. Remember the movie Titanic when the guy Jack asked Rose to take off her clothes to sketch her. She just does it. So I thought I should take art instead of shop class. Do you know how many tables I have to make to get a woman undressed?

Meanwhile, hunter laptops are declining – reminding us of how the media, tech giants, and Democrats colluded to fill the story bombs to help Dad win. The connection in this case really worked for both dad and son.

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There are some crazy s *** out there, but the press can’t touch it because it blames them on the coverup. Meanwhile-the hunter continues to play the tortured genius game. Cover yourself as an injured party to create a shield of sympathy for his sneaky behavior.

It’s a smart tactic. But he doesn’t have to work that hard. He has a dad who protects him and media that looks the other way around. You know, except when he is painting.

This article is based on Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue in the June 15, 2021 edition of “Gutfeld!”.

Greg Gutfeld: Hunter Biden obscures himself as an injured party to sympathize with his sneaky behavior

Source link Greg Gutfeld: Hunter Biden obscures himself as an injured party to sympathize with his sneaky behavior

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