Grand jury declines to indict DPD detective Esteban Montenegro

DPD homicide investigator Esteban Montenegro was on leave pending the outcome of a criminal and internal affairs investigation.

Dallas County, Texas —

On Friday, a Dallas County grand jury declined to indict a Dallas homicide detective accused of criminal misconduct in the arrest of a fellow police officer on death row.

Dallas Police Department Detective Esteban Montenegro was on leave pending the outcome of a criminal and internal affairs investigation. He was charged with two counts of falsifying government records and one count of perjury..

In a statement to the WFAA, Montenegro said his “sole goal was to pursue justice”.

“Detective Montenegro was an innocent man and a brilliant detective who was doing his job to protect the people of Dallas,” Montenegro attorney Messina Madson told WFAA. “The grand jury did the right thing.” I am delighted to

Last March, the Dallas Police Department referred the Montenegro case to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. District Attorney John Clouzot subsequently requested that his office be excluded from the case, and the Kauffman County District Attorney’s Office took over.

Kauffman County District Attorney Early Wiley said her office spent hundreds of hours preparing the case. The presentation to the grand jury took about an hour and a half, and the grand jury quickly returned no her bill to her three lawsuits.

“I respect the grand jury’s decision,” Wiley said.

Criminal investigation arose from the handling of Montenegro Arrest of Former Dallas Police Officer Brian Reiser in March 2021.

Reiser was arrested on March 4, 2021. accused of hiring people to kill two peoplehe was Dismissed by DPD A few days later.

A warrant for Reiser’s arrest indicates that many of the lawsuits against him was based on the words of a convicted murderer, Emmanuel Kilpatrick. Kilpatrick had served nearly two years in prison when he turned himself in in August 2019. He claimed that Reiser hired him to kill Lisa Senz and Albert Douglas.

However, problems with the handling of cases in Montenegro soon became apparent.

The original warrant signed by the judge found that preliminary analysis from the FBI found that the suspect’s mobile phone placed him in or around the area during both the victim’s disappearance and subsequent killing. I made it clear,” he said.

However, after the arrest of Reiser, Montenegro returned to the judge, the information was taken out because it was not trueCell phone data did not identify Reiser’s phone at the time of the killing.

Montenegro testified at the hearing that he had made a mistake, saying it was due to a “cut and paste error”.

Charges against Reiser were dropped in April 2022. the judge ruled that there was no evidence to bind him.

Filing a civil lawsuit

May 2022, Reiser filed a lawsuit against Montenegroaccused him of orchestrating the arrest.

After more than a year, we have not found a single piece of additional evidence,” the lawsuit said. “Nevertheless, Montenegro proceeded with arrests that were already said to be unsupported by probable causes.”

Reiser is calling for firing.

Editor’s Note: The video below originally aired on April 6, 2021. Grand jury declines to indict DPD detective Esteban Montenegro

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