Governor Greg Abbott, Republican leaders allocate $ 4 million to fund county-level election audits

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Friday’s GOP leaders have $ 4 million in urgent funding to set up an “election audit department” for Texas Secretary of State to lead county election audits required by the state’s new election law coming into force next month. Approved to shift. ..

The additional funding first reported by the Dallas Morning News was requested by Governor Greg Abbott earlier this week, and was requested by Lieutenant Dan Patrick, House Speaker Dade Phelan, and the State Senate, Republican Budget Creator of the Two Chambers of Commerce. Approved by Congressman. Jane Nelson, Republican Flower Mound, and Congressman Greg Bonen, Republican Friendswood.


In a letter to Patrick and Ferrand on November 18, Abbott stated that an urgent transfer of funds from the Texas Criminal Justice Department was needed. The goal sought by the Secretary of State. “

The news on Friday comes from the Secretary of State conducting a “full forensic audit” of the 2020 elections in four of Texas’s largest counties: Dallas, Harris, Tarant, and Colin.

And even after the Republican-controlled state legislature passed a new election law this summer, state election rules have become even more stringent, including a ban on drive-through voting and new rules for voting by mail.


The new law, which faces legal issues, also allows the Secretary of State to randomly select four counties after the November elections each year and audit all elections held in those counties over the past two years. Is obligatory. The population of the two counties to be audited should be over 300,000 and the population of the other two counties should be less.

In a statement later on Friday, the Secretary of State mentioned both 2020 audits and future audits required under new state law, with the latest funding added to “supervise audit activities” such as “county verification.” The staff said it would be used. Remove ineligible voters from the role and ensure compliance with state and federal election laws. “

There is no evidence of widespread fraud in Texas that would have changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Former President Donald Trump lost his bid for reelection, but in Texas he defeated President Joe Biden by 6 percent. Earlier this year, the Secretary of State’s chief election officer called the 2020 election “smooth and safe” in Texas.


Still, Abbott is pressing Trump and other Republicans to prioritize actions in Congress that provide a process for party executives to initiate election audits. Pressure increased as Trump and other Republicans repeatedly questioned the outcome of elections in other states that brought Biden the victory in 2020.

John Scott, Texas’s new Secretary of State, briefly represented Trump in one of the Pennsylvania proceedings.

The last special legislative session ended in October without the legislators passing the election audit bill, after Abbott did not include it as a priority.

Hours after Trump first called on Abbott to act under the Election Audit Act, the Secretary of State announced an audit of the 2020 elections in four counties in Texas, but the exact reason is unknown. was.


According to office documents, the scope of the effort includes measures that the county already needs to take after the election. In the second phase, set in Spring 2022, a record of voting machine accuracy tests, a roster of early voting, a form detailing the process of managing a sealed ballot box, and other county-managed election materials. Make sure.

Recently, Scott has called auditing the four counties a top priority, but there is no doubt that Biden is president, “I haven’t seen anything” that suggests the election was stolen. It states.

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Governor Greg Abbott, Republican leaders allocate $ 4 million to fund county-level election audits

Source link Governor Greg Abbott, Republican leaders allocate $ 4 million to fund county-level election audits

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