Governor Abbott calls for special elections in Drew Springer’s home district

Governor Greg Abbott Declaration On Monday, Saturday, January 23, we are planning a special election for the State Capitol District (HD) 68.

The district is vacant with Congressman Drew Springer (R-Münster). Recently elected to the state legislature In a special election.

Candidates who wish to run for the Springer special election must be submitted to the Secretary of State by 5 pm on Monday, January 4th.

To date, two candidates have submitted election accounting appointments to the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC): Cook County Judge Jason Brinkley and Jacksboro Attorney David Spiller.

The day after Springer was elected to the Senate, Brinkley announced that he would run for an open house seat and resign from Cook County executive position.

“As local elected officials for over a decade, we provide relief to property taxpayers, keep businesses open, protect jobs, and require equal access to health care and education in rural areas. Providing broadband internet to taxpayers and knowing that it is important to conserve water resources is essential for agriculture, “Brinkley said. Press release..

Spud Spiller, a longtime trustee of the Jacksboro Independent School District, announced his campaign a few days later.

“I support law enforcement agencies and first responders, secure borders, protect lives, protect the rights of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment, provide sufficient funding to public schools, reduce taxes, and government. We believe in making it more efficient, promoting economic development and opening up our business. ” Said Spud Spiller.

Like the Senate District (SD) 30 special elections that Springer won, there are no primaries in the HD 68 special elections, and Republican candidates may win, but candidates from any party can participate. I will.

by Analysis of voting trends Along TexasHD 68 is Texas’ third-most Republican house district, with 2016 and 2018 GOP candidates winning about 85% of the votes.

That trend continued in this year’s general election, with Springer winning a reelection of 85.5 percent against Democratic Passy Redbetter.

If no candidate wins more than 50% of the votes in the January 23 election, the top two candidates will advance to the special election at a later date.

Early voting for elections begins on Monday, January 11th.

Election winners will represent the district after the start of the regular 2021 legislative assembly, which begins on Tuesday, January 12.

Governor Abbott calls for special elections in Drew Springer’s home district

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