Government to relax guidance on wearing indoor masks

Washington – Thursday’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can facilitate indoor mask wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people and safely stop wearing masks in most places, according to those who were briefed on the announcement. will do so.

The new guidance continues to require masks to be worn in crowded indoor environments such as buses, planes, hospitals, prisons, and homeless shelters, but may ease restrictions on reopening work or school.

Also, it is no longer recommended for fully vaccinated people to wear masks outdoors in the crowd. The announcement comes when the CDC and Biden administration face pressure to ease restrictions on fully vaccinated people (those who have passed the last required dose of COVID-19 vaccine for two weeks). ..

Relaxed guidance comes two weeks after the CDC recommends that fully vaccinated people continue to wear masks indoors in all settings and outdoors in large crowds.


CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky was scheduled to announce new guidance at the White House briefing Thursday afternoon.

At a virtual meeting on vaccination with a group of bipartisan governors on Tuesday, President Joe Biden admitted that his administration had to do more to model the benefits of vaccination. It seems.

“We want to say we have people who are fully vaccinated. Republican Utah Governor Spencer Cox told Biden.” And it’s vaccinated for those who don’t want to be vaccinated. It’s a big motivation to want. “

“It’s a good thing,” Biden replied. “I’m going to do that in the next few minutes,” he added.

The person spoke on anonymous terms to preview the announcement prior to the official release. The White House did not comment on this issue.

Evidence from the United States and Israel is that the vaccine is as strongly protected in real-world use as in previous studies, and despite the spread of some worrisome mutant versions of the virus so far. By the way, they show that they are still working.


The more people continue to be vaccinated, the faster the infection will decrease-and the more difficult it will be for the virus to mutate enough to escape the vaccine.

Some people also get COVID-19 despite vaccination, but these infections tend to be mild, short, and difficult to spread to others.

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Government to relax guidance on wearing indoor masks

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