Government launches AI 10-year plan

The government has launched a 10-year plan on the use of AI.

According to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS), the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, announced today, “shows a gradual shift in the country’s approach to the world’s fastest-growing emerging technologies.”

This strategy is divided into three main areas. Investing in the long-term needs of the AI ​​ecosystem. Ensure that AI benefits all sectors and regions. Manage AI effectively.

The first of these includes an upcoming framework to enable better data availability in a wider economy. This is related to the government’s plan to overhaul the post-Brexit data protection plan. The report states that it aims to “determine the role of data protection in broader AI governance.”

Within the next three months, the government will begin discussions on AI copyrights and patents. This includes looking at what copyright would look like if the innovation came from a machine rather than a human.

Details of the approach the Ministry of Defense will use when adopting and using AI will also be discussed with the Alan Turing Institute and in collaboration with researchers and National Security Advisers, as well as reports on AI ethics via the AI ​​Standards Hub. Then, it will be released soon. Reduce the risks posed by AI.

Work on a national strategic draft of AI-led technology in health and social care will soon begin through the NHSAI Lab, which is part of NHSX, a quango focused on health innovation.

The government is keen to link everything to the “upgrade” agenda when it comes to education and work, and says it will support a wide range of people entering AI-related careers, including outside London and southeastern hotspots. .. We are also rolling out new visas to attract the best AI talent in the world to the UK.

The US UK Declaration on Cooperation in AIR & D announced last year is also mentioned, and its implementation is expected to begin within the next 12 months.

Chris Philp, DCMS Minister and lead author of the report, said:[The strategy] It focuses on three pillars, including ensuring that the country invests in the long-term growth of AI. It benefits all sectors and regions of the economy. And it is effectively managed by appropriate rules that encourage innovation, investment and protect the fundamental values ​​of the people and the country. “

Philp didn’t mention the size of future government investment in AI, but said the government has invested more than £ 2.3 billion in AI since 2014, with the goal of “living in the UK. Positioned as the best place to work with AI, with clear rules, applied ethical principles, and a regulatory environment that facilitates innovation. “

Dr. Bill Mitchell OBE, Policy Director of BCS, Chartered IT Institute, said: We will ethically build and deploy AI digital systems that benefit everyone. “

Edwina Dunn, Interim Chair of the Center for Data Ethics and Innovation, said: It will be important to have an appropriate governance system in place. “

However, Niels Thone, CEO and founder of software company, questioned whether there were enough plans to support UK startups. “Government can consider granting certification to companies using AI, as well as ISO,” said Thone.

“This will help tech startups meet certain criteria to secure the trust of large companies considering the adoption of AI technology. To establish the UK as a global leader in AI. The most important and influential move that can be made is to become a buyer. In addition to AI itself, we will provide tax deductions to organizations and companies that purchase AI from government-certified AI vendors. “

Government launches AI 10-year plan

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