Government accountants should ‘be able to raise problems if the data is misused,’ the trade body said

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“It’s important” that government statisticians can raise problems in their offices, the head of the Royal Statistical Society said, after one in five members said in a vote. ballots they did not think it was possible to do so.

In a study looking at the impact of coronavirus infection on scientists and data scientists in the public sector, 80% said they thought it “could raise statistical problems (or fear that regarding the use of numbers) in. [their] business ”. Of the 151 polls surveyed by RSS, 21% strongly agreed with the language, and 18% agreed.

“It’s important for accountants to raise issues in their office if they think they’re being misused or misled,” said RSS chief executive Stian Westlake.

He praised the Office for Statistics Regulation for “calling workers if their statistics aren’t right and talking around them”.

The OSR has written to offices on several occasions to address fraudulent uses of the numbers. And last October, the stats regulator called on senior executives to help increase awareness of how to use stats, edit data sources and promote a “culture of emphasis on efficient use of data and independent statistical analysis ”, after reviewing studies from Covid-19 disease.

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But Westlake added: “I want to see all statisticians happy to raise issues that can be addressed before they are published.”

National statisticians have taken on a significant role in the public eye over the past two years, paying close attention to stats on Covid patients and testing.

The review reported the impact of the disease on census takers in a variety of ways, with some reporting higher performance and some seeing an improvement in their work-life balance.

More than half of those surveyed – 56% – reported working longer hours than usual since the onset of the disease in March 2020. Nearly one in five – 18% – strongly agree with the statement.

The statistics show how illness affects work, with 47% saying they do more than illness.

Respondents were very positive about the support they received, with 90% saying they were supported by their boss, and 74% saying they had a good conversation with their middle class. of statisticians and non-statisticians. However, 26% left not feeling well about the conversation.

Commenting on the results, Westlake said: “Our research shows that reading and data scientists have not done much in the public sector in the last two years to collect and With this demand for data, we hope that our knowledge will inform the government of the important role that enumerators play in our society. .

The information will be used to draw insight into the work that scientists and data scientists have done, as well as to facilitate discussions with the leadership of the Statistical Service. Following the Society’s publication “Statistics are Vital”, highlighting the important role that statisticians played during the course of illness.

The results of an RSS survey that are hosting participants for its 2022 Award for Trustworthiness, Quality and Value Award, which recognizes excellence in the voluntary application of “posts “Third is the code of practice of the Office for Statistics Regulation.

The gift, in collaboration with the Office for Statistics Regulation and Public technology sister notice World of Civil Worksis now in its third year and sees companies that have volunteered to comply with the OSR code.

Entries are open until April 29th.

Government accountants should ‘be able to raise problems if the data is misused,’ the trade body said

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