Glenn Greenwald: Clinton’s indictment is also the indictment of the mainstream media “Russian Gate Wing”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald scolded the press in a dead article on Sunday, writing that the prosecution of a prominent Democratic lawyer was the “indictment of the Russian Gate Wing” in the American media.

Democratic lawyer Michael Sussman was accused of lying to the FBI last week by investigating the origin of “the story of the fraudulent Russian gate he spread” by John Durham’s investigation, Greenwald wrote.

Glenn Greenwald scolded the press and wrote that Hillary Clinton’s lawyer’s indictment was a “Russian Gate Wing indictment” in the American media.
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The complaint concealed the fact that he was working for the Hillary Clinton campaign while promoting an investigation into the possible relationship between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank via a computer server back channel. Blame Sasman as.

Slate journalist sent a draft story to Fusion GPS about possible links between Trump and Russian banks: prosecution

“In the context of the 2016 election, where the Clinton campaign centered on Trump’s relationship with the Kremlin, this secret communication channel was forged by Sasman as a smoking gun for both the FBI and Clinton-friendly journalists. Evidence of fraudulent activity between the Trump and the Russians, “Greenwold wrote in his substack. “The FBI chased the goose to investigate Sasman’s conspiracy theory, but the agency immediately concluded that there was no evidence to believe it.”

“Although the story of the Trump / Alfa Bank has long been known to be a scam,” Green Wald, a long-time critic of the vast Russian research and enthusiastic publicity of its media, said the story. The 2016 elections said they were able to help shape media coverage.

“Inspired by Hillary Clinton himself, the liberal division of the corporate media used this fake claim to reinforce their story that Trump and the Russians are secretly vigilant. This prosecution, but more seriously, the corrupt and badly corrupt media, “he wrote.

“The indictment revealed for the first time that the data used as the basis for this fraud was obtained by another one of Sasman’s hidden clients, an” unnamed tech executive. ” An opposition investigation into Trump, “he continued. “Probably soon about who this tech executive was, which internet company had the personal data he accessed, and how it was used to spin the web of this Alfa Bank fraud. There will be more disclosure. Damn — especially in the Russian gate sector of the corporate press. ”

CLINTON CAMPAIGN LAWYER MICHAEL SUSSMANN allegedly lying to the FBI during a Russian investigation

Green House finds it difficult to exaggerate the role played by the media “for the purpose of manipulating election results,” citing a slate article written by Franklin Fore on October 31, 2016. .. As a prominent example.

“Needless to say, there was no disclosure from Slate that it was Hillary’s own lawyer, Michael Sussman, who is currently indicted, who pushed the story forward and provided the data to support it,” Greenwald wrote.

Greenwold has sent a series of tweets to promote the sub-stack entry about “The Story of the Rogue Russian Gate”. This includes a breakdown of tweets sent by then-candidate Clinton just days before the 2016 election, when Trump declared he “has a secret server”, pushing the story of Slate. I personally contacted a Russian bank and shut down the server when a reporter asked about it, and a week later created a new server with a different name for the same purpose.

“All four statements (all four) from this Hillary tweet eight days before the election are complete lies. This scam was created by her own campaign operative and to the media servant who laundered it. Given, from them, “Greenwald tweeted.

Who is Michael Sussman, a lawyer for the Clinton campaign, shown on the Derham Probe?

“The journalists who lied most shamelessly and often to serve the CIA and DNC Russiagate story were the most rewarded by the industry,” he added. Atlantic Russia gate story.

“Bertrand has created dozens of Russian Gate articles for the site that made Rachel Maddow look calm, cautious and credible,” Green Wald wrote.

Michael Lee of Fox News contributed to this report.

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Glenn Greenwald: Clinton’s indictment is also the indictment of the mainstream media “Russian Gate Wing”

Source link Glenn Greenwald: Clinton’s indictment is also the indictment of the mainstream media “Russian Gate Wing”

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