GitHub HR Head resigned after investigating the dismissal of a Jewish employee

Trump supporters are on the US Capitol police armored vehicle as others take over the Capitol stairs on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, while Congress is working to prove the Electoral College’s vote. Standing

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Microsoft-owned code-sharing site for software developers, GitHub, resigned on Sunday after investigating the dismissal of its Jewish employees after the company’s HR manager discovered “serious judgment and procedural errors.” Said.

On January 8, GitHub fired one of its employees after expressing concern to colleagues in Washington, DC, after a crowd of protesters in support of President Donald Trump raided the US Capitol. The dismissed employee told TechCrunch in an interview published Friday that “Keep a safe buddy” on Slack.

According to a statement by Chief Operating Officer Erica Brescia, fellow employees on GitHub expressed concern about why the company fired employees shortly thereafter. According to Brescia, an independent investigation found “serious judgments and procedural errors” regarding the dismissal of employees.

“The HR manager has taken personal accountability and resigned from GitHub yesterday morning on Saturday, January 16th,” Brescia said in a blog post on Sunday. The company didn’t reveal the name of the resigned HR manager, but Carrie Olesen took the lead.

Supporters of President Donald Trump are holding a Confederate battle ensign on the second floor of the US Capitol near the entrance to the Senate after breaking security in Washington, DC, January 6, 2021.

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The company’s spokesperson was unable to get immediate comments. Brescia said it “immediately overturned” GitHub’s decision to split up with its employees and “is in contact with his representatives.”

“To the employees I want to say publicly. I sincerely apologize,” Brescia said.

The company’s CEO, Nat Friedman, admitted in a post that the violent mobs included “Nazis and white supremacists.”

On Wednesday, FBI spokeswoman Christina Pouren said in a statement that a man in a “Camp Auschwitz” shirt had been arrested in a riot, NBC News reported. The next day, a mob photographed in the Hall of Parliament with a Confederate battle ensign was also arrested.

“Employees are free to express their concerns about Nazis, anti-Semitism, white supremacy, or other forms of discrimination or harassment,” Friedman said in a statement.

GitHub HR Head resigned after investigating the dismissal of a Jewish employee

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