Ginny Thomas is in charge of the 1/6 panel, the hearings continue until July

WASHINGTON – The House committee plans to resume its public hearings in January as the investigation into the Capitol riot deepens.

The chairman, Benny Thompson, told reporters on Wednesday that the commission was receiving “a lot of information” – including new documentary footage from the last months of Donald Trump’s rule – as its long-running investigation intensified with hearings of the January 6, 2021 attack. and Trump’s efforts to undo the 2020 election won by Democrat Joe Biden.


The commission is also working to interview Virginia Ginny Thomas, a conservative activist and the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who responded to the commission’s request to appear, the chairman said. She was asked to speak to a committee after revealing her communications with Trump’s team during preparations for and the day of the Capitol uprising.

“We expect to keep talking and trying to get her in,” said Thompson, D-Miss.

Thomas had previously said she “can’t wait to clear up the misconceptions”, suggesting she would comply with the commission’s request to testify.


In the last year, the commission has been investigating the violence in the Capitol and its causes, and has questioned more than 1,000 witnesses and presented about 140,000 documents. Nine people died in and after the attack.

The next hearing, scheduled for Thursday, is expected to focus on former Justice Department officials who testify to Trump’s proposals to reject the election results. This will complete the work for this month. The committee will resume in July, Thompson said.


The panel issued a new subpoena to Mo-Brooks, R-Ala., Who was among a group of five GOP lawmakers, including minority leader Kevin McCarthy. The Capitol, the president said.

Brooks, who was defeated this week in the Republican primary election in Alabama for the US Senate and lost Trump’s favor, initially said he could speak to the committee. But Thompson said the summons had expired, so a new one had to be sent. McCarthy and other Republicans refused to appear.

Meanwhile, as part of an expanding Justice Department investigation, federal law enforcement officials handed out a series of lawsuits Wednesday involving alternate – or fake – voter lists that falsely tried to declare Trump the winner in their states in 2020. d.


A commission of the House of Representatives is already investigating the issue, but the new subpoenas underscore the Ministry of Justice’s interest in the same area. Recipients of the summons included David Shaffer, chairman of the Republican Party of Georgia, according to a person familiar with the matter, who requested anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation. The Washington Post was the first to announce the summonses.

The Commission was due to conclude this first round of public hearings in June. But additional information has come to the attention of the committee, and Congress will adjourn two weeks of telecommuting and telecommuting on the Fourth of July holiday.

“We have a new documentary from the person we’re talking to, and we need to review all his information,” Thompson said, referring to the British director, whose unprecedented interviews with the former president and his inner circle were handed over to the committee this week. The shots were taken before and after the uprising.


The revelation about the film came to light on Tuesday when British director Alex Holder revealed that he had complied with a call from Congress to hand over all footage he had taken in recent weeks of Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Representative Jamie Ruskin, MD, said on Tuesday that the timetable for the investigation could change.

“I would just say that the initial hearings would be over in June, but we are gathering new evidence every day with tremendous speed,” Ruskin said. “And so we keep turning new information on and off.”

He added: “But the hearings will certainly end before the end of the summer.”

Television hearings began with a session in prime time this month.


AP Congress correspondent Lisa Mascaro and writer Eric Tucker contributed to the report.



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Ginny Thomas is in charge of the 1/6 panel, the hearings continue until July

Source link Ginny Thomas is in charge of the 1/6 panel, the hearings continue until July

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