Gigi Hadid posts about “Team No Sleep” to commemorate the 28th anniversary of Zayn Malik’s birth


In addition to her sweet wishes on social media posts, Yolanda Hadid’s daughter shares a photo of how the “PillowTalk” hitmaker milestone was celebrated.

Gigi Hadid Thanks to her boyfriend Zayn Malik To “make (her) mom” in a sweet post commemorating the singer’s 28th birthday.

The model, who gave birth to the couple’s daughter in September (20), sent a moving compliment to the hit maker “Pillowtalk” on Tuesday (January 12) and nicknamed her partner “Zaddybaba”. Zaddy is a very slang term. A handsome and fashionable man, the word “baba” is used in Palestinian culture to pay homage to his father.

Along with a picture of a dressed-up couple and a picture of Zein holding a baby, she said on Instagram, “Team No Sleep! Happy Birthday to Zadi Baba. Very special. Love me for a long time. Thank you for making Mama The best girl ever (smiling emoji). Make your best wishes every day. (Original) ”

Gigi Hadid's IG Story

Gigi Hadid introduced the celebration of Zayn Malik’s 28th birthday.

Gigi also shared the former photo One direction Her Instagram Story singer’s celebration included a number of arcade games, retro-gaming-themed sweets, dozens of balloons, confetti and party hats adorned with Zayn’s face.

Zayn first glimpsed a bunch of little joy and confirmed that the first child had arrived with Gigi. In a black-and-white photo shared on the Blue Bird app in September 2020, I saw a “from dusk to dawn” crooner holding her little daughter’s hand. “Our baby girl is here, healthy and beautiful,” he said in the caption.

Zayn described how happy she was with her daughter’s birth, saying, “It’s an impossible task to express my feelings now. This love for a little human is beyond my understanding. She Thank you for knowing, I’m proud to call her mine, and thank you for the life we ​​spend together x. ”

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