German lawmakers gather to prevent withdrawal from elections

Berlin – Germany’s newly elected legislators will hold their first meeting on Tuesday. Their party digests the election failure, reduces the block of Chancellor Angela Merkel to the worst results in history, and begins the process of bringing together a new government.

The narrow winner of Sunday’s parliamentary elections, Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats on the left, emphasized their desire to quickly begin negotiations with the promising Kingmaker of the new government. And some prominent figures in Merkel’s coalition block questioned the first push by election loser Armin Laschet to lead the new administration.

Neither of the traditional big parties wants to renew their rival “grand coalition”, so the third and fourth parties, the environmentalist Greens and the business-friendly Liberal Democratic Party, hold the key to the majority of Congress. There seems to be. Leaders of these parties plan to meet each other this week to look for commonalities before entertaining progress from potential suitors.


“Greens and the Liberal Democratic Party have already been invited to hold exploratory talks with us this week,” said Rolf Muzzenich, Social Democratic Parliamentary Group Leader, before the party’s newly elected members gathered. Stated.

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Scholz, who will retire, said he wanted a new government on Monday, preferably before Christmas. Forming a government can take weeks or months in Germany as political parties shatter the plans of the New Deal coalition in detail.

Rachette’s Union Block also held a meeting of its legislators late Tuesday, which could be criticized after a disastrous campaign. Rachette said he would “do everything he could” to establish a new administration on Sunday night, but said he still wanted to lead the administration on Monday.

“We do not have the right to take responsibility for the government,” said Hessen Governor Volker Boffier. “We lost the election, the period,” said Tillman Kuban, the youth director of the coalition. He argued that the task of forming the government was the Social Democratic Party, the Greens, and the Liberal Democratic Party.


The new 735-member parliament, the House of Representatives, will hold its first meeting next month.


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German lawmakers gather to prevent withdrawal from elections

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