Georgia rally to commemorate the debut of the Republican primary “Trump Ticket”

Atlanta – Early Donald Trump-supported rewards will be on display Saturday in Georgia when tickets for the three candidates he supports in the 2022 Republican primary will be featured at one of his signature rallies. Will be done. However, GOP opponents of Trump’s supporters have not been folded in Georgia, and some say the nod of the former president could hurt Republicans in a tightly divided state general election.

Trump’s supportive blitz is a candid attempt by Republicans to enthusiastically court his favor and continue to reshape the party with his image. But like everything else about the former president, it’s a rule-rewriting approach, said Casey Dominges, a professor of political science at the University of San Diego.

“I haven’t seen the president try to drive a wedge in their party in recent years. This is what happens in the primary,” Dominges said. “He plays faction politics at the party.”

It’s easy to see why they want Trump’s support. He maintains overwhelming support among Republican voters. Ballotpedia, which is tracking Trump’s support, says his supportive candidate has won 37 of the 43 primaries since 2017.


Trump will attend a rally in Perry, about 100 miles (160 km) south of Atlanta, with three of his approved candidates, including Herschel Walker, who recently launched a Senate campaign. Trump urged a great former footballer to challenge Democratic US Senator Raphael Warnock.

He also talks about Trump’s choice for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Luffence Purger, US Congressman Jody Hice. Lafence Purger rejected the former president’s plea to “find” enough votes to “find” enough votes to overturn Trump’s slight defeat against Georgia’s Democratic president Joe Biden, but Heiss elected Georgia in parliament. I opposed people.


The trio will be completed by Senator Bart Jones, an early Trump supporter who is pushing for steps to overturn Biden’s Georgia victory and running for vice-governor.

But this rally is likely to be about Trump, who remains the star of his own show. Supporters may arrive wearing Trump gear and say they have never heard of the people he supports.

Despite the lack of credible evidence to support Trump’s allegations of mass fraud, the former president continued to push the “big lie” he won, turning it into a Republican candidate’s Lithomas test. A majority of Republican voters said the elections were stolen, even though dozens of state and local election authorities, numerous judges, and Trump’s own Attorney General stated that Biden had won fairly. I keep believing.


Some Republicans have won in favor of Trump in some primary areas, including Wyoming, which dropped out of primary against U.S. Congressman Liz Cheney after Trump tapped challenger Harriet Hageman. I did, but it didn’t happen in Georgia.

Walker is confronting three other Republicans, including state agricultural commissioner Gary Black. Black attacked Walker and said it had not been tested. On Monday, Black announced support from 55 state legislators, on top of support from 76 county sheriffs, former governor Nathan Deal, and former US lawmaker Doug Collins (formerly Trump’s favorite).

“It’s okay to be a fan of football player Herschel Walker, but it’s okay to want to regain the Senate and save the country from the current turmoil. Georgians need selectable options to stand up. There are Democrats across the country and over $ 100 million in offensive advertising. “

Jones describes himself as his primary vulnerable to a strong business-backed state senator, but after his appearance on Wednesday with Donald Trump Jr., the former president’s support said, “This is actually him. Stand up for the members of, and stand up for conservative value. “


However, Trump’s nod can be responsible for the general election. Trump was slightly defeated in Georgia, and Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue lost Senate votes to Democrats Raphael Warnock and John Osov in January. Many, including some Republicans, claim Trump’s claim that the November 2020 elections have plunged the GOP outflow, leaving control of the US Senate to the Democratic Party.

Democratic Rep. Bee Nguyen, who is also running for Secretary of State in 2022, said Trump’s support was part of his “revenge” on some Republicans. Nguyen said Trump’s work has stimulated Democratic voters, as has the restrictive election law passed by the Republican Party this year.

“Our base understands that voting rights are at a loss, so we will continue to mobilize our base,” Nguyen said.


Some Republicans also see it that way. Republican consultant Paul Shoemaker said in a June memo that North Carolina voters were less likely to support Trump and more likely to vote for Biden. ..

“Comparing Trump and Biden candidates, they lose their advantage over nonpartisan voters. In addition, the Democratic advantage spreads with college graduates and suburban voters, and the Republican local vote is a little bit. It’s softening. ”

The shoemaker works for former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. Pat McCrory will replace Richard Burr, who retired after playing against Trump-backed US Congressman Ted Budd at the Republican Senate Primary Association. Shumaker said the poll was not paid by McCrory.

The leader has historically avoided interfering with the primaries, and when they did, it sometimes backfired. In 1938, Franklin Delano Roosevelt intervened to support liberals and defeat conservatives who opposed his agenda. Roosevelt’s records were clearly mixed. Conservative Democratic incumbents such as Georgia Senator Walter George survived, and Republicans made significant profits overall.


For example, former President Barack Obama waited until the primary was settled before approving. However, some liberals, such as independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and New York Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Democrat, sought to form a Democrat with major support.

Then there’s Governor Brian Kemp, Georgia’s top Republican, who isn’t on Trump’s ticket. Former Democrat Vernon Jones has openly courted Trump’s nod, but the former president withheld his support while Trump’s supporters highlighted other candidates.

Despite Trump’s continued contempt for Kemp, the incumbent governor may achieve a detent with Trump-backed candidates.

Walker hired a spokesperson from Kemp’s office, one possible indicator that Walker might avoid attacking Kemp. His early message was less positive and less confrontational than Trump.


Kemp appeared with Heiss at an event on September 13 to criticize the Biden administration’s legislative agenda. Kemp expressed hope that the Republicans could oppose and unite.

“The parties need to come together and not split, which didn’t work in 2020,” Kemp said.


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Georgia rally to commemorate the debut of the Republican primary “Trump Ticket”

Source link Georgia rally to commemorate the debut of the Republican primary “Trump Ticket”

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