“Game of Thrones” celebrating the 10th anniversary by sharing images that have never been seen


In addition, HBO is also encouraging fans to participate in the season 1 marathon of the hit series on Saturday, April 10th to raise funds for the charities chosen by cast members.

AceShowbiz -“”game of Thrones“My boss plans to spread love when celebrating the 10th anniversary of the hit show.

To commemorate the first episode of the fantasy drama aired in April 2011, the show’s producer shared hours of behind-the-scenes footage, clips, and trailers on streaming service HBO Max.

They also encourage fans to participate in the Season 1 Marathon on Saturday, April 10th to raise funds for the charity of their choice.

What’s more, the TV boss also plans to send three couples who staged “Game of Thrones” -themed wedding anniversary gifts, such as cakes and wine barrels.

To celebrate the anniversary, Warner Bros. Consumer Products will also release new products such as Faberge’s unique Imperial Eggs and a collection of Mikkeler beers inspired by the series.

The show ended in 2019, but HBO isn’t ready to let it go yet. According to a recent report, the network is currently developing three new space-based spin-off series created by George RR Martin.

One of the projects reportedly has the tentative title of “10,000 ships”, which records Princess Nimeria, the ancestor of House Martell and the founder of the Kingdom of Dorn. The millennium is set before the “Game of Thrones” event. In other words, you will explore a myth that is much older than the Westeros timeline.

Another project is set to FleaBottom. The last project developed by the author of “Rome” was about Sir Korin Berallion, the head of the sea snake family, also known as the sea snake. The tentative title of the project was said to be “9 voyages”.

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