Gabby Petite’s mother believes that Brian Laundry’s parents know “most information” about the death of their daughter.

Gabby Petite’s mother, who died, says she believes that the fugitive Brian Laundry’s parents know “most, if not all,” the “most, if not all,” information surrounding her daughter’s death.

Petito’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, and fathers and stepfathers, Joseph Petito and Jim Schmidt, attended a public interview over the weekend to discuss the mystery behind the disappearance and murder of their daughter and draw the world’s attention.

“I think silence speaks for itself,” Schmidt said in an interview released Sunday about Laundry’s parents. “I think they know … they know most, if not all, information. I just — face to face —” why are you doing this? Just Please tell me the truth. ” “

Petito’s parents finally talked to their daughter in late August before reporting that they were missing on September 11. The pair was traveling in a Ford Transit van that was converted into a camper.

Gabby Petite’s family opens in Brian Laundry and believes his “missing piece” is a puzzle

Laundry, 23, returned from Wyoming to Northport, Florida on September 1 in a Petit van without her. After Petito lived in Laundrie’s house for a year with his parents Chris and Roberta Laundrie, they went on an expedition. Chris and Roberta Laundrie immediately hired a lawyer to answer questions from local police after Petito was reported missing.

“You’ll think there’s a conversation,” Joseph Petite told “60 Minutes Australia.” “If Brian was staying at my house and Gabby returned to my house without getting him in the car, I would [his] The parents said, “Listen, we have a problem …. there are some things to talk about, as we do now.”

GABBY PETITO’s family joins FOX News for all interviews

He described the situation as “painful” and “cruel.”

Laundry reported that his son had gone missing on September 17, six days later, but the lawyer later said he had last talked to him on September 13. , Wyoming, September 19th.

Teton County coroner Brent Blue announced Tuesday that Petit’s cause of death was strangulation, saying he was likely to have died three to four weeks before the body was found.

Who is Brian Laundry’s father, Christopher Laundry?

Jim Schmidt described Brian as “polite” in the first half of the interview, and Nicole Schmidt seems to be a “nice guy” who trusted to take care of her daughter when she left home for an expedition. Said.

“He painted them and things. He read a book to my little kid before going to bed at night,” Nicole Schmidt said of Laundry.

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Laundry is a person interested in killing Petit, but his whereabouts remain unknown more than a month after his parents filed a report of the missing person. September 23, FBI He issued an arrest warrant to the laundromat and charged him with bank card fraud. Authorities allege that he used his unidentified Capital One card and PIN to charge or withdraw more than $ 1,000 between August 30th and September 1st, when Petit was missing. bottom.

Petite’s family established the Gabby Petite Foundation to commemorate their daughters to help parents of missing children and victims of domestic violence. The organization made its first fundraising activity on Sunday, raising more than $ 13,700.

Michael Ruiz of Fox News contributed to this report.

Gabby Petite’s mother believes that Brian Laundry’s parents know “most information” about the death of their daughter.

Source link Gabby Petite’s mother believes that Brian Laundry’s parents know “most information” about the death of their daughter.

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