Future match for dating apps, Bumble is much more social

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Dating apps have been running on the same model for years. The user fills in a biography with a handful of photos. In most cases, people look at those profiles and swipe left to reject or swipe right to show interest. If they swipe right, they can match and end up on a date.

But now it’s changing.

The pandemic has caused a level of confusion that allows businesses to think about what the future of dating apps will look like without unknowingly swiping.

For example, notice Bumble with the “Night in” trivia option. This feature allows users to date virtual trivia quizzes if they match someone. Users can also send match voice memos. This is a feature that was talked about on TikTok earlier this year.

Match Group’s biggest dating app, Tinder, also has “Swipe Night,” a live, interactive dating feature where singles follow the story together. Over a period of time, people try to figure out who committed the crime that was created. At the end of each episode, members can collaborate with other participants through “fast chat” to tell stories, analyze different clues, and help solve mysteries together. You can also choose to match later.

The addition of video and audio allows people to interact in ways not yet done in online dating, spending more time on the app (bringing more money) and attracting more people. People online who are hoping to form better connections.

The two companies have hinted that there is still more to do with social elements and more interactive features, but they haven’t said exactly what the product roadmap is about. Potential features could include clubhouse-like audio chat and more ways to integrate your friends into your experience.

Nicholas Jones, senior analyst at Citi, emailed CNBC: “Swipe left or right has significantly changed the way singles connect, but users want more control over the experience.” It states. “To maintain a healthy and engaging network, BMWL needs to continue to innovate to provide the experience users are looking for.”

Users have revealed that they are interested in meeting in video as a way to break the ice and see the “atmosphere” of the date before they actually meet. According to Tinder, most users had a video chat in the match during the pandemic, and 40% planned to continue using the video after the pandemic.

Singles know what they are looking for

By getting out of the pandemic, Bumble says, people will be able to “much more clearly” understand what they are looking for in relationships.

“We’re really trying to give them the tools to do that and improve the experience for the more serious and deliberate types of relationships users are talking about,” said Tarik Shaw, President of Bumble. Cut said in the company’s recent earnings announcement. “Therefore, much of what we did in the second quarter, and the plans for the third and fourth quarters, really focus on such activities, in addition to the new monetization capabilities.”

As mentioned earlier, Bumble has Night In, which gives you the option to send photos, voice memos, GIFs, and more to your match. However, the company can introduce something like video to a user’s profile, or introduce a new way to discover a user other than swiping left or right.

Tinder also announced a “discovery” section that mimics social media feeds by adding videos within the app. Users can see potential matches that share similar interests, such as someone having a pet or skydiving.

Tinder said the change is an effort to provide what Gen Z users want.

“Generation Z uses Tinder on their terms. The BIOS alone can’t tell enough stories to reach likes and nops,” the company said in June. Tinder is focused on the moment someone is ready to swipe another user left or right, CEO Jim Lanzon later explained to CNBC.

“It’s a really rich area for innovation,” he said. “This is the beginning of something.”

Lanzone joined Tinder last year after leading CBS Interactive, where he developed his streaming efforts. Hiring executives was a clear sign that Tinder wanted to push more into video. But this time, he said, the focus is on making connections, not entertainment.

“The Tinder itself is probably the biggest producer of new relationships in the country, and perhaps marriage, in addition to all the other connections we make, and it’s important to have a photo or bio of someone you are, but Tinder Obviously, it was a pioneer in moving the category that way, “Lanzone added. “But perhaps over the years, we have this really rich roadmap.”

Tinder’s parent company is also moving broader. Earlier this summer, Match completed the $ 1.7 billion acquisition of Hyperconnect, a social networking company renowned for building the “first mobile version” of WebRTC. This will allow the company to focus on R & D and add live chat capabilities and video experiences to the app.

MatchCOO Gary Swidler said in a recent earnings call that at least two brands are expected to use Hyperconnect technology by the end of the year and many other brands will implement that technology by the end of 2022. .. We haven’t gotten into the exact details of what the additions look like, but they could include live broadcasts and more chat additions.

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Future match for dating apps, Bumble is much more social

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