“Fundamental flaws” – Opponents urge Scottish Government to renew and postpone vaccine status programs

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The Scottish Conservatives have urged the Scottish Government to “fix a fundamental flaw” in the Covid vaccine passport scheme before it comes into force next Monday.

Party can avoid the worst impact of the plan by revising the nightclub definition to target only venues open after 2am and introducing a spotcheck system in bars and nightclubs. It states. Under the government system, staff at large events and venues need to check the vaccination status of their customers before admission.

Tax exemptions apply to staff under the age of 18 and those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, but are only accessible to those who have been double vaccinated. The scheme started at the beginning of the month, but enforcement is not scheduled to begin until October 18th to give companies time to prepare.

Since the program started, we’ve been plagued by technical issues with the NHS Scotland Covid Status app. This is the primary means for citizens to show vaccine status.

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Shortly after the app became available for download on Thursday, September 30, users began reporting that the program could not access the vaccination record and instead displayed the following error message: I am currently working on it. “

These issues continued until the following week, and many venues, including all Scottish Premiership football clubs that hosted the match on the first weekend of the scheme, chose not to deny entry to anyone who could not prove their vaccination status. bottom.

In a speech at Holyrood five days after the scheme was introduced, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon apologized for the issue. This is due to “a combination of high post-release demand for the app and some errors in the NHS system.” .. “I didn’t think the app launch was remote and satisfying,” she added.

Conservatives who oppose the introduction of such a system are calling for the program to be postponed until the New Year to support the economic recovery towards Christmas.

Liz Smith, a financial and economic spokesman, said: The start of this plan was an unmitigated disaster. Enterprises are less prepared to implement SNP’s infeasible plans today than they were two weeks ago. “

This rule applies to nightclubs and sexual entertainment venues, seatless indoor events with more than 500 spectators, seatless outdoor events with more than 4,000 spectators, and all events attended by more than 10,000 people. Will be done.

However, corporate groups have warned about the impact this will have on recovery.

Michael Kill, CEO of the Nighttime Industries Association, said the day after the Covid passport was first used: Where the operator was expected to implement a Covid passport. This misunderstood, infeasible mitigation, which is not well communicated, remains very vulnerable and only causes further turmoil and potentially irreversible damage to the sector underlying the recovery of the Scottish economy. .. “

“Fundamental flaws” – Opponents urge Scottish Government to renew and postpone vaccine status programs

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