French Catholics protest at the end of the Mass blockade

With banners labeled “Letus Pray” and “We Want Mass,” Catholic protesters held demonstrations scattered throughout France on Sunday, demanding authorities relax virus blockades to allow religious services. ..

In the western city of Nantes, hundreds of people gathered in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary and knelt on the rain-wet pavement, according to local broadcaster France Blue. Similar rallies were reported or planned outside the eastern city of Strasbourg, the southwestern city of Bordeaux, and the Cathedral of Saint Louis in Versailles.

Devout Catholics sang hymns on Friday at the landmark Saint-Sulpice on the left bank of Paris in a similar demonstration, protesting for hours. They banned a similar rally planned on Sunday.

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More cases of the virus have been identified than in any other European country, mainly in Roman Catholic France in November as part of a national partial blockade aimed at controlling infection and relieving pressure on hospitals. Banned mass and other religious services. Churches and other religious sites remain open for individual visitors to come and pray.

Benoist de Cineti, Deputy Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Paris, said on BFM TV on Sunday that such protests were “useless” and urged church members to respect the rules. But he called Mass an “essential necessities” and a kind of “suffering from being unable to go.”

France is seeing signs that the current surge may have peaked, but Interior Minister Gerald Dalmanin has told believers to watch the service online during the blockade and avoid rallies. Appealed. In a statement released on Twitter, he said he would meet with religious leaders on Monday to discuss how the government would eventually resume service, especially under pressure to allow direct Christmas celebrations. It was.

One of France’s earliest viral clusters dates back to February at an evangelical religious rally near Strasbourg. Outbreaks in the region quickly overwhelmed hospitals, France was forced to send patients to neighboring Germany and Switzerland for treatment, and French troops were the first in history to ease a saturated field war. I was prompted to build a hospital.

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To date, France has reported 44,246 virus-related deaths, and today COVID-19 patients account for 96% of the country’s standard intensive care unit capacity.

French Catholics protest at the end of the Mass blockade

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