France evaluates cybersecurity move after reporting spyware

Paris – French President Emmanuel Macron held an emergency cybersecurity conference on Thursday, following government actions after reports that his cell phone and government minister’s cell phone could have been targeted by spyware. I examined the possibility.

Macron exchanged calls on a regular basis and “takes the matter very seriously,” government spokesman Gabriel Attal told France-Interradio Thursday.

The Global Media Consortium reported this week that Pegasus spyware created by the Israeli company NSO Group could have been used to target politicians, activists and journalists in several countries. A member of the consortium, the French newspaper Le Monde, reported that Moroccan security agencies have listed Macron’s mobile phones and the then 15 members of the French government on the list of potential targets for spyware in 2019. ..

The Moroccan government has denied cheating.

According to Attal, investigations are underway to determine if the spyware is actually installed on the phone or if the data is being retrieved. He emphasized the importance of broader cybersecurity efforts to protect public facilities such as hospitals that have been targeted by malicious software in the past.


NSO official Haim Gelfand told Israel-based i24 News Wednesday that Macron was not the target. He said the company would review some of the cases revealed by the consortium and report on how clients are using the system. He said the company would follow a cautious process before deciding who to sell the system to.

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France evaluates cybersecurity move after reporting spyware

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