Fox News Power Rankings: Washington State Dem in a volatile state like Massachusetts, Florida gets the spotlight

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Dirt is moving away from Texas high school and the nation is close to voting in November, the midterms map is beginning. In this issue of the Fox News Power Rankings, Democrats have become the “fixed” position in the Washington Senate race, while gubernatorial elections in Massachusetts and Florida are held for Democrats and Republicans, respectively.

President Biden continues to vote, so the map remains for Democrats. The president’s approval rating stands at 41.4% on the average of the gold ballots in the past three weeks.

At the same time, government talks have shrunk from internal problems to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, raising questions about whether Biden can re -establish his relationship with the electorate. There were an average of two ballots held after the attack and SCOTUS’s election for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and ballots based on the State of the Union’s speech.

Biden posted an 8-point improvement in his score in the first, and two points in the second. Translate? It’s impossible to say if the world’s sentiment on Ukraine will translate into a dramatic change of support, so beware of the “Ukraine bump” talk and we’ll see more elections.

Democrats also hold on to the electoral average.


While the national image has not changed much, it is much easier to photograph individual nations. In Washington, GOP candidate Tiffany Smiley is running a firm campaign as she stands in a high -profile battle against Sen. Patty Murray incumbent, Democrat.

On the governor’s part, Gov. Ron DeSantis will secure his second term in office, as Massachusetts is currently a flight from Republican to Democrat.

Senate: Washington moves from ‘Solid D’ to ‘Likely D’

Sen. Patty Murray is the fifth time in a state that wants Biden at 19 points by 2020. But there are bags of most Republican support in rural Washington, such as Lincoln County in the northeast. the state. Taken together, these counties could change the way Democrats vote.

The race of Sen. is no longer. Patty Murray "feet" no and Democrats.

Sen’s race is not “fixed”. Patty Murray for Democrats.
(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Join Tiffany Smiley, the GOP candidate leading the race. Smiley is a mother and a former nurse who cares for her husband Scott, a warrior who went blind while traveling in Iraq. He’s raised $ 2.5 million so far, according to OpenSecrets, which is very short of Murray’s $ 9.8-million haul, but it’s a strong number for announcing a deep blue trend.

Smiley is active in jobs and education and has avoided drawing too much controversy over former President Trump. As Washington approaches on August 2, it doesn’t have a tough one on its right.

Washington last elected a Republican senator in 1994, so Murray won the race. But “likely” is the working word here. Washington’s Senate has moved from “Solid D” to “Like D.”

Senate: Oklahoma’s second seat on the table

Sen. announced. Oklahoma Republican Jim Inhofe on his retirement Feb. 25, and the state has scheduled a special election to coincide with election night in November. That means Republicans will contest 21 seats this year, including two of the Oklahoma U.S. Senate seats. On the other hand, Sen. James Lankford Republican for the second season. Oklahoma is a deep red state, and Inhofe won its 2020 Senate race by a 30-point margin. The GOP can expect to care. This race is added to the “Solid R” column in the Power Rankings chart.

Governor: Florida moves from ‘Lean R’ to ‘Lean R’

The first round of Power Rankings saw the Florida governor’s race cry in the “Lean R” column, the highlight of Gov.’s victory. Ron DeSantis is in the state at a 0.4-point point in 2018. He puts up a pretty good data point when evaluating the 2022 race, but a closer look at the Democrats puts DeSantis off. in the car seat on the arrival of November.


U.S. House Rep. Charlie Crist is leading the fundraiser against his Democratic opponents, but two of those candidates continue to offer a fair run for the former governor. Nikki Fried, Florida’s agricultural commissioner, was pleased to say she was the only elected Democrat in the state, and strengthening that statement helped her stay close to the race.

State Sen. Annette Taddeo, the Hispanic leadership candidate, received a confirmation from the Latino Victory Fund last month. Crist’s inability to clean up the first garden will save time and money from his promotion.

Between these, DeSantis runs until November. As previously reported, DeSantis owns a $ 87 million military base, and the state is moving north by 2020. The nation is moving from “Lean R” to “Like R.”

Governor: Massachusetts moves from ‘Lean D’ to ‘Like D’

Voters in Massachusetts will decide who will replace two -time Governor Charlie Baker this year. The pro -democracy Republican who left party politics to solve all the avenues made the “most difficult decision” to move from office in December, and as a result, Democrats have taken their toll. time to turn the state over.

As much as Massachusetts voters liked Baker, they were hurt by his party. GOP support for presidential contests has dropped by 5.38 points in the past eight years, dropping the two -year low of 32.14% by 2020. The data shows that it is stable and for Republicans in this seat, they must run for office. More like Gov. Baker or fellow Gov. Larry Hogan in Maryland before Trump.

So far, the primary GOP has not nominated that candidate. The first is former Rep. Geoff Diehl, a red Republican star and a Trump -backed CPAC and Trump’s former publicist, Corey Lewandowski. The various passes will help him win his first but hurt him in November.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker in 2020.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker in 2020.
(AP Photo/Steven Senne, File)

Now, state Attorney General Maura Healey is the first candidate for the Democratic election and has a general opinion. Massachusetts has moved from “Lean D” to “Like D.”

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Voters in Indiana and Ohio are scheduled to go to the next general election. Elections in both states will be held on May 3, although the Buckeye State election date is uncertain. The outcome of Ohio’s new map is in the hands of the state Supreme Court, and the court’s decision – or in the absence of one – can be postponed first. On May 10, Nebraska and West Virginia voters will decide who their main party voters are. Expect more in the Power Rankings as we get closer in those days.

Fox News Power Rankings: Washington State Dem in a volatile state like Massachusetts, Florida gets the spotlight

Source link Fox News Power Rankings: Washington State Dem in a volatile state like Massachusetts, Florida gets the spotlight

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