Fox bites a man, putting Capitol Hill on high alert

WASHINGTON “Capitol Hill has a fox problem.” And this is no joke.

Representative Amy Bera, D-California, learned first-hand Monday night as he walked to the Capitol to vote. He is now undergoing a series of four injections against rabies with great care.

Berra said he felt something throw him in the back as he walked near one of the Senate office buildings. He turned and used his umbrella to repel what he thought was a small dog, but soon realized he was entangled with a fox.

Berra said the meeting lasted about 15 seconds. The passer-by shouted to warn others, and the fox fled as U.S. Capitol police officers rushed to the scene. Doctor Bera is looking for stab wounds. He saw no evidence, but there was some abrasion, so he consulted with the Capitol doctor, who told him not to take any chances and to be treated.

He said he went to Walter Reed’s National Military Medical Center after voting for the first in a series of four injections.


“I would say this is the most unusual day on the Hill in 10 years,” Bera said of her experience.

Of course, there were many humorous references to Fox News in the Capitol on Tuesday. But the Home’s weapons sergeant was serious when he told lawmakers and their staff on Tuesday afternoon that there had been numerous recent encounters with foxes and that the animals should not be approached.

The warning notes that there are likely to be several fox dens in the Capitol and that animal control personnel will seek to catch and locate anyone they find.

At least in one case, they were successful. Capitol police tweeted photos of a fox safely taken in a cage.

Bera did not hide any malice towards the culprit.

“We hope the animal can be moved,” he said.

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Fox bites a man, putting Capitol Hill on high alert

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