Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Take COVID Prevention Measures

The 2021 event was canceled last year due to concerns about COVID-19.

Fort Worth, Texas — Fort Worth Stockshow & Rodeo is everything for vendors like Connie Murdoch. She makes a living by selling food at Jake’s Cheese Joint. One of the bestsellers is the grilled cheese sandwich.

She and her team are excited to attend the 2022 event at the Will Rogers Center, especially after the cancellation due to the COVID-19 epidemic last year.

“We all have vaccines and boosters. It helps to be on the other side of the counter when people come in. Whenever we are in the food industry, we wear gloves.” Said Murdoch.

Another way to keep Connie and Rodeo guests safe is with a socially distant reminder sign at the stock show. On the first day of the rodeo, the fans sat apart from each other in groups watching the equestrian competition.

As guests walk through the rodeo grounds, there are hand sanitizer stations at each exit and entrance during the event. Wearing a mask during the event is optional, but people can also grab a free mask during the rodeo.

This year, the stock show organizers worked with health authorities to provide all three COVID-19 vaccines available with booster shots.

Stockshow vendor Columba Gonzalez is pleased that the rodeo is back. She has been selling genuine collectibles from her native Mexico for the past three years. When I learned that an event was going to be held this year, I worked at the vendor booth and came up with a game plan.

“We are surrounded by all the leather, so we bring it from color to the stock show. We are safe and careful around and hope everyone else is doing the same. “Kornbagon Zares said.

Gonzales is one of the hundreds of stock show vendors that keep COVIDs away from them. Multiple vendor areas are set for the entire stock show.

At the stock show, there are vendors selling clothing, bespoke cowboy hats, massage chairs, mattresses, photo services, chocolates and fudges, homemade beef jerky, and even boot shine services.

Many vendors rely on events like stock shows to support not only their families, but also the charities they support. Gonzales relies on its generosity to have charities around the world.

“All our interests are returned to the province. We support women and children in different parts of the country and around the world.”

Stock show organizers have decided to cancel the 2022 stock show parade in downtown Fort Worth due to strong winds, but attract the hundreds of thousands of people Rodeo has seen in the last few years. I hope that.

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Take COVID Prevention Measures

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