Fort Worth Selects Consultant to Lead Panther Island Economic Development

Panther Island continues its ongoing life cycle with Fort Worth and other partners awarding HR&A Advisors Inc. a $560,000 contract, paving the way for determining future plans for the project’s economic development angle. I pushed it further.

The city’s director of economic development, Robert Sturns, praised the company’s expertise and market knowledge as it considers different strategies for the development of Panther Island and its surrounding areas.

“Panther Island pieces really come together,” Stearns said. Press release“Local partners and the business community are driving strong economic development in our district, but we want to be smart about how we do it.”

panther island It is a mixed-use development that includes “an envisaged 10,000 residential units and 3 million square feet of commercial, retail and educational space,” a canal system, boardwalks, a marina and a houseboat precinct.

Other local entities involved in the Panther Island project include Tarrant County, Tarrant Regional Waters, Tarrant County University, Greater Fort Worth Real Estate Council, Downtown Fort Worth Company, and Streams and Valleys.

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The flood control portion of the project is known as the Central City and includes a bypass channel and a valley storage site for surplus water.

A year ago, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers promised $400 million Funding to “complete the final design of all project components and construction of the bypass channel.”

The project has been dormant for over 15 years, so it has some detractors.

When request for proposal With the economic development consultancy announced by the city in October 2022, former state representative Ron Burnham said he wasn’t surprised because he doesn’t believe the project has ever focused on flood control.

“If this was really about flood control, they would have approached it differently from the beginning,” Burnham said.

In 2019, a third-party evaluation by Riveron estimated the total cost of the project to reach $1.2 billion, more than $600 million more than when it was first proposed in 2006. raised a myriad of problems It recommended significant changes within the financial management, governance and transparency of the project.

HR&A will act as project manager and lead. Their team also includes civil engineering firm Salcedo Group Inc. Urban planning and design firm Lake Flats. and K Strategies, a community engagement and outreach company.

Other similar projects the company has worked on include Buffalo Bayou in Houston, the Aeon Innovation District near Rice University, Clyde Warren Park in Dallas, and a master plan for a research campus at the University of Texas.

HR&A will begin work this quarter and is expected to be completed by the end of the year, according to a city press release. That work is to include opportunities for community input and engagement. Fort Worth Selects Consultant to Lead Panther Island Economic Development

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