Fort Worth police are investigating after a driver crashed into a home

The driver was taken to a local hospital in serious condition. According to witnesses, two people ran from the car before the accident.

FORT WORTH, Texas – Investigators with the Fort Worth Police Department are seeking answers after a man drove into a home on July 4 and was found slumped over the steering wheel with a gunshot wound.

The driver was taken to a local hospital and was in critical condition when last checked, according to police.

The crash happened in the 3400 block of Wedgeworth Dr. just after 11 p.m.

The homeowners said they found the driver unresponsive and slumped over the steering wheel. The car was still moving.

A man, who asked to be identified only as ‘Ivan,’ told WFAA that his father owned the house and lived next door.

His little daughter was watching TV in the room where the car crashed.

Security video shows Ivan rushing into the home and demanding that people call 911 after the crash. Thankfully, her daughter was not harmed.

“It blew me away,” Ivan told WFAA. “It was like I couldn’t believe it was happening.”

Ivan saw the accident. He was talking to a neighbor on the front lawn when he saw a car up the driveway start to roll slowly toward the house.

“I saw the car and its lights were flashing,” Ivan said. “He starts coming up and hits the curb — and I yell, ‘Hey!'” The next thing you know, he just walks into the house.”

“He passed out, completely bent over in the car,” Ivan said. “At least we were trying to park the car so it didn’t go into the house.”

It wasn’t until authorities arrived that Ivan was told the driver had been shot.

Evan told police he saw two people run from the car before it started rolling down the hill toward his father’s house.

Ivan said that he did not hear any gunshots, but that there were fireworks around the neighborhood.

He also noted that the GPS on the dash was on – making him wonder if the injured person was a cruiser driver who was hit by people fleeing.

A Fort Worth PD spokesman could not say whether the victim was the taxi driver, but said witnesses saw at least two people run away.

The department said that its homicide unit will conduct an investigation.

Ivan and his family have some repairs to do, but are thankful their loved ones were unharmed.

“No injuries. Nothing,” Ivan said. “Everyone is still in shock.”

Fort Worth police are investigating after a driver crashed into a home

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