Fort Worth ISD celebrates refurbishment of Arlington Heights HS

The 2017 bond led to a major refurbishment project at Arlington Heights High School. Voters will decide to further improve Fort Worth ISD in the next election.

Fort Worth, Texas — A celebration at Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth.

On Wednesday, the school community gathered to celebrate the “Rediscovery of Fort Worth ISD.” It was an opportunity to see the renovated study space and new building of the high school.

Principal Sara Weeks welcomed attendees in the school courtyard.

“In its history, it has never been so extensively refurbished,” Weeks said.

Built in 1937, the school’s Georgian architecture was maintained while modernizing the building from the inside out.

People were laid down in a new environment when students guided guests during a tour of the newly refurbished school.

Dr. Kent Scribner, director of Fort Worth ISD, said that was just the beginning.

“This refurbishment project has modernized the campus and renewed the old one,” Scribner said.

The 93,000-square-foot refurbishment project brought new life to old corridors and classrooms. The school library has been transformed into a double-decker library and media center with communal space. It’s like a university with new technology.

The school art room has a fresh and modern look. In addition, there are newly built new science and agriculture buildings.

Parent Stephanie Harvey toured the newly refurbished school.

“I’m amazed at the changes,” Harvey said. “I love them getting these refurbishments. I love going to high school here and it was a great experience, and my kids enjoyed it every minute too. “

The 2017 Public Debt Program aimed at improving high schools throughout the district has enabled major school renovations.

More upgrades may be possible in the upcoming November 2 elections. If voters answer “yes” to the Fort Worth ISD referendum, the school could improve further.

The four suggestions include improving the district’s junior high school, art buildings, and recreational facilities. The bond referendum also includes the construction of a new stadium and a new elementary school.

According to Scrivener, 60% of the schools in the area were built before 1960 and need to be refurbished.

“We believe that the best investment we can make is to invest in students,” says Scribner. “They are the workforce of the future and the future leaders of our community are in our classroom today.”

The students were proud to shine as they roamed the refurbished school corridor.

School leaders said the change would give students a bright future.

Fort Worth ISD celebrates refurbishment of Arlington Heights HS

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