Former Theranos employees say the company cares about funding patients

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and her partner Billy Evans left Robert F. Peckham US Court on September 8, 2021 after opening discussions in a trial in San Jose, California. rice field.

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San Jose, CA – Former lab director of Theranos is ready to become the next Apple on Friday until he realizes that blood test startups prioritize company finances and public image over patient health. Testified. ..

Adam Rosendorff, who worked for Theranos from 2013 to late 2014, was a jury after then-CEO Elizabeth Holmes and her lieutenant urged him to “guarantee a test I wasn’t confident about.” He told the member that he had resigned.

Rosendorf is a witness to the indictment in Holmes’ criminal trial. Holmes and former Theranos president Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani have been acquitted of wire fraud and conspiracy after the $ 9 billion valuation collapsed from 2015. Balwani will be tried separately.

Rosendorf said he found Theranos through a job listing on LinkedIn. He was interviewed by Holmes, Balwani, and Vice President Daniel Young.

“I really agreed with the idea of ​​a laboratory test with a very small little finger puncture wound sample,” Rosendorf said. “I thought it would be the next Apple,” he said.

Former Theranos President and COO Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani will leave after a hearing in federal court in San Jose, California, on July 17, 2019.

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That optimism soon faded. Rosendorf testified that inaccurate and unreliable test results began to appear months later, adding that doctors and patients were increasingly expressing concern.

“I think the company focused more on public relations and funding than patient care,” he said.

In an email sent to Holmes in August 2013, Rosendorf indicated that the blood test device was not ready for sale at Walgreens stores. He also flagged issues related to laboratory training and staffing.

“I found it very important for Elizabeth to be aware of these issues as the CEO of the company,” he said.

Following the email, Rosendorf met Holmes and asked to delay the launch of Walgreens. He recalled Holmes posted a paper in her office window counting down the number of days it took for the test center to operate at a pharmacy branch.

Rosendorf said the board and investors seemed “dissatisfied with Theranos” and Holmes was rushing to trade to appease them.

“She was very nervous. She wasn’t the usual calm self,” Rosendorf testified. “She was a little shivering, her voice was broken, she was clearly upset.”

He said he approached Holmes because he frequently dismissed his concerns and thought that it would “have a greater impact” than dealing with a varwani that turned around.

Rosendorf said Holmes could use traditional experimental equipment at Walgreens and not rely on Theranos technology, rather than delaying the launch.

The prosecution relies on many witnesses in its efforts to convince the jury of Holmes’ criminal activity. Former General James Mattis, who served on Theranos’ board of directors, testified that he felt blindly three years ago when he discovered that technology wasn’t working.

Rosendorf’s testimony will continue next week.

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Former Theranos employees say the company cares about funding patients

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