Former presidential candidate Jeb Bush said, “Overconcentration on DC politics is wrong.”

Governor of Florida and Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush in 2016 accused “excessive focus on DC politics” in a leadership battle at the House Republican Conference.

Congressman Liz Cheney, among those who believe the Republicans are unwelcome.

Bush responded to a claim from National Review editor Jay Nordlinger asking about the state of the Republican Party. Nordlinger insisted on Republican Rep. Liz Cheney. In the Republican Party, it was “Persona non grata”.

“Where’s the Republican juice now? Liz Cheney is out. Her rival Elise Stephanique is stepping up her support for the talk show between Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka,” said Nordlinger. Wrote on Twitter. “Cheney is a persona non grata. Stephanique-very grata. This is a Republican. There is no way around it.”

ELISE STEFANIK, Republican Speaker’s Favorite, Vote with Less Trump Than Liz Cheney

“Isn’t it too easy to say that it all comes down to truth vs. lies? Or is it?” Nordlinger added.

“Jay, you’re probably in a trap where conservatives are defined by what’s happening in Washington, DC,” Bush counterattacked. “We are a bottom-up country and this over-focus on DC politics is all wrong. Look to state conservatives and those who do great work outside of organized politics. please.”

However, Cheney, who could lose third place as a Republican leader in the House of Representatives after repeated clashes with former President Donald Trump over false allegations that the 2020 elections were stolen, also faced pressure to return home. Is-Wyoming GOP voted to blame her after her vote blame Trump after the Republican riot on January 6th. In addition, Republicans plan to expel her as the only representative of the state in Congress when she is reelected next year.

Liz Cheney does not exclude 2024 presidential election

Cheney’s vote to impeach Trump triggered a campaign in which she was banished from her leader earlier this year. She survived easily with the help of Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy.

But now McCarthy, Minority Whip Steve Scallis, R-La. Etc. have abandoned Cheney and are in favor of New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik from a moderate district that is increasingly in line with Trump.

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Interestingly, Stephanique does not have a much more conservative voting record than Cheney, who represents the bright red Wyoming. The conservative group Heritage Action gave Cheney a 91% score, compared to only 56% for Stefanik in recent parliament.

Former presidential candidate Jeb Bush said, “Overconcentration on DC politics is wrong.”

Source link Former presidential candidate Jeb Bush said, “Overconcentration on DC politics is wrong.”

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