Former Navy Seal states that US policy in Afghanistan has been “like a Star Trek cosplay convention” since 2002.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince said the increase in the Taliban’s resurrection was the result of 20 years of military policy failure, and was ordered by the Biden administration to withdraw its army by the end of the month in Afghanistan. He blamed the possibility of collapse.

Former Navy Seal Prince, who was active in the Middle East, told Tucker Carlson Tonight that Washington’s “half-hearted politician” was responsible for what was happening in Afghanistan.

“It’s the same collection of Washington’s National Security Elite that failed for its 20 years. They took the first six months after 9/11, with a glorious victory by special operations and the CIA, and made it a massively unsuccessful country. -Building a movement. “

According to Prince, since around 2002, the US overture in Afghanistan is reminiscent of the Star Trek Forum.

“It was mostly like a” Star Trek “cosplay tournament where they just sat down and talked to each other and assumed they were making progress. It’s the same nonsense and refused to think about other ways. It will solve this problem. “

Prince said officials since the Bush administration continued to ignore that Afghanistan was not a traditional country and instead set up a “central government nirvana” in Kabul to try to imitate Western democracy. Stated.

In doing so, the Pentagon designed a replica of the country’s US military, but was eventually beaten by a much less organized enemy.

“They are the most expensive troops in the world … and we were beaten by weapons carried mostly by illiterate goat breeders in the 1940s,” he said. If there is something shameful in Washington, many should resign, otherwise they should be fired. “

“What I really hate is that people who comfortably make these decisions in the Beltway office don’t have to lose limbs, die, get married, or suffer real damage.” Prince continued.

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He further compared the possibility of the country’s collapse with the end of the Vietnam War and explained that the United States’ failure to win has resulted in 30 million casualties across Southeast Asia since then.

“Believe me, this problem will spread to the region,” he said of the Middle East in the case of Afghanistan.

“The Taliban never denied al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is a cosplay diplomacy in the United States that believes it intends to do business with the Taliban, whether it’s the Trump, Obama, or Biden administrations. The knucklehead is really bad. The advice at the national security level escaped with the same unsuccessful approach. “

Host Tucker Carlson further explained that the responsibility for US policy failure lies with domestic military personnel, including Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a US Army general in Massachusetts.

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“Joe Biden told us that in Afghanistan we can rely on Afghan security forces to keep barbarians away. They have earned billions of US dollars in taxes over 20 years, by the way. , They were trained by Mark Milley, “Carlson said. “We’re fine because he’s currently chairing the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Don’t worry. Last month, leave his personal approval stamp to the Afghan security forces.”

Carlson said the Afghan army was capable of defending its country and replayed a clip of his statement that the Taliban’s resurrection was not a “natural conclusion.”

“The future of Afghanistan is in the hands of the people of Afghanistan, and there are many possible consequences for Afghanistan. I would like to reiterate … the negative consequences. The Taliban’s automatic military takeover is natural. It’s not a conclusion, “Millie said. In the video.

Former Navy Seal states that US policy in Afghanistan has been “like a Star Trek cosplay convention” since 2002.

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