Former murder investigators believe that human bodies found in Brian Laundry hunting may not be intact

Former Washington, DC murder investigator Ted Williams attended “Your World” on Wednesday to discuss the belongings and bodies of Brian Laundry in Florida. My Oak Kahatch Creek Environmental Park.

Williams said he did not believe that the unidentified bodies found were likely to be intact.

He said, “We know … they brought a corpse dog today … which makes me believe that the body itself may not have been completely intact, and they I was probably using a corpse dog [additional] … Body part[s].. “

Authorities probably did not find the body before, as water had hidden the area, and just recently retreated. “The answer may be that the area you knew at the time was underwater,” Williams said.

Brian Laundryman Hunt: FBI confirms unidentified decedent’s body, fugitive backpack, notebook

Williams said he hopes to hear preliminary announcements from the authorities within 24 hours.

A former detective argued that if the body belonged to Laundry, it could have been suicide.

“The question is, if it’s a body, how did he die. If this was Brian Laundry, you would have to believe he died, probably as a result of a gunshot wound … maybe say He swallowed the drug and spit it out that way, but it’s likely he was shot. I’m sure they’re looking to see if they can actually find the weapon. Now, across the region. “

“Currently, the entire area is a crime scene, remember that,” he added. Laundry property and unidentified ruins have been found in 160 acres of Florida nature reserves and are considered “tree-filled lands.”

Laundry was considered a suspect in the Gabby Petito murder case.

Laundry and Petite continued Cross-country travel Together; begins with New York It will end in Oregon.Alerts and suspicions were raised after Laundry was reported to have returned to his family. Northport, Florida, no petite on September 1st.

September 11th, Petite Reported missing To the New York Police Department by her mother, Nicole Schmid. On September 14, Laundry disappeared.

Laundry is said to have appeared at the AT & T store in Northport before he left. FloridaWhen I bought a phone with an older woman, TMZ report.

At the beginning of the investigation, Petite was said to be missing, but police sought help. Northport Police Chief Todd Garrison said, “I’m begging everyone, including Brian, to share information about her whereabouts in the last few weeks. Due to the lack of information from Brian, the investigation Is hindered. ”

After a few weeks of searching, investigators Confirmed NS body Found in Grand Teton National ParkIt belonged to Petite, in northwestern Wyoming. The cause of death was determined to be strangulation.

Police were notified during the trip Domestic violence case In Moab, Utah. The caller told Dispatch that Laundry was attacking Petite. “The gentleman was slapping the girl,” the caller said. “They ran up and down the sidewalk. He started hitting her, jumped into the car, and they ran away.”

Police then pulled their vans, and body camera videos admitted that Petite had hit Laundry and also showed how he grabbed her face.

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“”[Gabby] … began to slap him, “the report said of the controversy.[Laundrie] When she pushed the van with him, he grabbed her face and pushed it back, he tried to keep her out and succeeded except for the driver’s door.

Police objected to Petite’s arrest for domestic violence and instead separated the two for the night.

“”[Petito and Laundrie] They reported that they fell in love, were engaged in marriage, and did not want to see anyone charged with the crime. ”

Former murder investigators believe that human bodies found in Brian Laundry hunting may not be intact

Source link Former murder investigators believe that human bodies found in Brian Laundry hunting may not be intact

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