Former ESPNer: Woj’has set foot in a black career

Lost in A private conversation in “Rachel Nichols Release” was a line that revealed that Adrian Voinaroski called Nichols a “bad teammate.”

“Vonarrowski jumped in and called Nichols a bad teammate.” Times Write.

I think that line is going to increase its importance to some extent.

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To Dunl Butterd Show On Tuesday, former ESPN NBA insider Amin El Hassan accused Voinaroski himself of not only being a bad teammate, but also racist.

“Are you shooting me to death?” Elhassan asks.

“Is this guy going to call someone a bad teammate? Is it true? Is it true? Want to talk about the black career he set foot in because he was threatened? Want to talk about it? ??

“Would you like to talk about a diverse background of news breakers (-s!) That have relationships with players that Adrian doesn’t have? His sources are all front office people and assistant coaches above It could be a video coordinator who is moving and trying to get a better job somewhere else. “

Wild about Elhassan’s racist allegations is that Wojnarowski is known to have sacrificed his work to white reporter Marc Stein.

When ESPN signed Wojnarowski in 2017, ESPN fired Stein, then the network’s top NBA insider.

It’s not clear if Wojnarowski played a personal role in ESPN’s farewell decision with Stein, or if the network just didn’t want to keep two competing insiders. In any case, Voinaroski technically entered Stein’s career.

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So here’s the story:

  • Someone leaked audio, damaging Rachel Nichols and helping Maria Taylor request a contract.
  • Nichols apologized and lost his job at the NBA Finals.
  • Taylor hosted ESPN’s main NBA studio show and was able to leave the network before Game 7.
  • Taylor wants $ 8 million a year.
  • Jalen Rose’s daughter blew up Nichols in a public video.
  • Amin El Hassan has accused Adrian Voinarowski of ruining the career of a black colleague.
  • Former ESPN host Michelle Beadle is ridiculing Overall situation..

all right? This is not a movie.

Former ESPNer: Woj’has set foot in a black career

Source link Former ESPNer: Woj’has set foot in a black career

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