Forgot to record the upcoming release of former AC / DC frontman Bon Scott


A recording of a vocalist lost during his stint in the rock band Fratanity was discovered and released as a special box set by Cherry Red Records.

Bon ScottLost recording from the late singer Stint in a rock band fraternity It will be released as a special box set.

Before becoming AC / DCFrom lead vocals in 1974 to his premature death in 1980, Rock’s legend died tragically at the age of 33 after choking on his vomitus after a drinking session, but from 1971 to 1973 Australia. It was the frontman of the rock band of 1974.

And on January 22nd, Cherry Red Records will release the album’s proud remastered collection.livestock“When”Fiery gala“The singles dusted from the tapes kept by their manager and everything in between, Hamish Henry..

Fans can listen to Scott’s vocals and his vocals on the recorder.Season of Change-Complete Recording, 1970-1974“Named after the cover of the box set, Black feather“Season of change”.

Surviving members of the band- Bruce Howe, John Freeman, Samcy, John bisset,and Uncle John Ears -And the property of the late guitarist Mick Jard Joined forces with music promoters Victor Marshall And Henry share the recording.

According to Cherry Red, the rich collection of three CDs “is beautifully presented and contains 18,000 words of liner notes and invisible photos of the band.”

Over the years, Fraternity has undergone a series of lineup changes and band names. fang, Some dreamsFinally calm down Mickey finn, Called during the 1981 split.

On the other hand, Scott’s change in AC / DC Brian JohnsonHe and his bandmates, revealed earlier, still feel Scott’s presence in the band.

He said, “He wasn’t a wild, wild, wild man-he was wild like any other boy. He was just unlucky. We were stupid and stupid when young. We did that, but we didn’t. ”

“It was just one of the stupid things that shouldn’t happen, it was a coincidence and stupid.”

“I wouldn’t say bad things to him. We’re still talking about him as if he were a member of a dressing room band.”

Scott took over Dave Evans After his short mission as an AC / DC lead singer.

Forgot to record the upcoming release of former AC / DC frontman Bon Scott

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