Ford, eBay, Twilio, etc.

The World Headquarters of the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, January 19, 2021.

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Check out the companies that make headlines in after-hours trading:

Ford Motor Company — Automakers’ share surged by more than 5% after almost doubling analysts’ earnings forecasts for the third quarter and slightly surpassing Refinitiv’s earnings forecasts. Ford has increased its second annual guidance this year.

eBay — E-commerce brand share declined 5% after the company reported quarterly results. According to Refinitiv, the company exceeded its earnings estimate by one cent per share, but earnings guidance for the fourth quarter was weak.

Teladoc Health — Virtual healthcare companies reported lower-than-expected losses in the third quarter, confirming that while they exceeded Refinitiv’s earnings forecast, stock prices fell by more than 4%.

Twilio — According to Refinitiv, cloud communications platform share fell by more than 12%, despite both third-quarter revenue and revenue surpassing. Twilio reported strong earnings guidance for the fourth quarter, but predicted a loss in the fourth quarter of 23 to 26 cents per share, compared to an expected loss of 8 cents.

Ford, eBay, Twilio, etc.

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