Football camps continue despite the high temperatures

DALLAS – Texas High School football is just around the corner and teams are already training on the field between consecutive three-digit heat days.

The hot temperatures forced some teams to change their training routines, but football camps continue for the most part, mostly at night or in the morning.

At Sachse High School, the abnormal heat wave is helping to build team morale while eliminating student-athletes who no longer want to compete. Dozens of college and college team players are waking up early before the season to lift weights and condition before it gets too hot.

Dozens of college and university athletes condition on the football field as temperatures rise. (Spectrum News 1 / Chris Grisby)

“If it was easy, everyone would be doing it,” said Jaron Counts, a senior defensive tackle. “It’s not easy, and not everyone is doing it. It’s the fact that you can work with your friends, with your siblings. It just makes the whole experience better.”

Counts said the heat adversity is showing emerging leaders who are willing to lead their team through the difficulties. While athletic trainers and coaches go out of their way to make sure no one suffers from heat exhaustion, athletes are encouraged to challenge each other to improve on their next season. The team starts their camp early before 8 a.m. to avoid the heat of the day.

“Just read with the heat like everyone else,” Counts said. “You have no choice. It’s to deal with it or leave the team.”

Players are encouraged to stay hydrated when they are off the field. Along with training, strength, and conditioning, coach AJ Roland tells his players to drink plenty of water and electrolytes as they walk away from fast food. Fortunately, there have been no heat-related injuries, but coaches are confident the players will be disciplined about their health and how they feel.

“My responsibility, number one, is to keep these kids safe and not do harm,” coach Roland said. “I have to know how they’re acting normally, and if they’re not okay that day, I have to make sure they tackle it. They have to be able to trust me, saying, coach, I’m not feeling well. Today.”

Condes said having an open relationship with his coaches is key. He pushes his body to the limit almost every day, but he knows he’s surrounded by a team of hard-working athletes and coaches who hold each other accountable as they look for signs of a heat illness.

“I thought because living in Arizona, it was going to be an easy change. The heat wasn’t going to be too much,” Counts said. “I was very wrong. All with the heat, Texas is a beast.”

The team aims to win a state title in football, and they don’t let the heat stop them from achieving their aspirations.

“We’re in the business of training great young people, and two things you have to learn as a young person are getting there on time and being responsible,” Roland said. “This heat is a challenge, but we are getting and improving.” ,

Football camps continue despite the high temperatures

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