Football and rugby facing a flood of complaints over head injury warnings | Sports

Concussion and sports guru warned that professional football and rugby would face huge proceedings in the future if gaming authorities did not take urgent action to combat brain injury.

Dr. Willy Stewart, a consultant neuropathologist at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, led a field study, and last year soccer players were 3.5 times more likely to die of neurodegenerative disease than age-matched members. Revealed that the general population.

Stewart said there is clear evidence that there is a link between the two sports, brain injury, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the first confirmed degenerative brain condition in American soccer players. Stated.

“We now have evidence of high levels of dementia in sports, and … from pathological studies, part of this dementia pathology in these individuals is CTE, which is in people with brain damage. Only the pathology you encounter. “

But Bill Sweeney, CEO of Rugby Football Union, said Guardian American football, which paid millions of dollars in compensation yesterday after the National League NFL discovered a CTE in a player’s brain, was different from the rugby union “in the context of brain injury.”

He states: “There is no scientific evidence of a causal relationship between concussion and CTE. It is not proven. There is a difference between American football and the rugby union.”

Sweeney’s tone is significantly more skeptical about its link to CTE than even the international governing body of sports has been in the past.

In 2013, Martin Rafterry, then Chief Medical Officer of the International Rugby Commission, said: “CTE is a type of dementia, and there are studies of boxers and American football players who have suffered repeated head injuries.”

Stewart said American footballers only play “about 14 or 16 games” in a season. “They didn’t do contact training during the season and made significant changes to the game to reduce risk. Players playing can only be on for a few minutes at a time, not more. It also has a big impact when players are in the park, as there are dozens of pools, but that doesn’t happen much. Looking at football, they play dozens of games in the season and every day I’m training. As people suggest, the number of football headers hasn’t diminished. “

When it comes to rugby, Stewart said studies have shown that the numbers of forces and head impacts in professional rugby and American football games are “quite” similar.

“But professional rugby players are training all week, still training in contact, playing 30 games in the season … and the season is almost over now. Potentially , Professional rugby has more problems than any sport we’ve seen. “

Football and rugby facing a flood of complaints over head injury warnings | Sports

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