Florida Suspect’s Gun Jam-Sheriff says shortly after police officers avoided being shot in the head

Florida suspects have faced several charges after firing at two St. Petersburg police officers over the weekend and nearly beating the head of one of them, officials said.

“If Officer Kuznetsov’s head was tilted a little to the left, or if he took another step before he stopped, he would definitely have been shot in the head.” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said at a press conference on Tuesday. Said in.

The shooting took place on Saturday after police officers Ronald Mackenzie and Pavel Kuznetsov tried to find suspect Austin Kingos, 23, who said authorities were likely arrested on charges of misdemeanor for violating the stalker’s injunction. Happened. Police arrived in an area of ​​St. Petersburg, where they noticed a white van with Kings inside.

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On Tuesday, the sheriff’s office played back footage from the incident’s dash and body cameras. It seemed to indicate a struggle between Officer Mackenzie and Kingos.

“Officer Mackenzie asked him for his ID. Kingos didn’t immediately show his ID and was fidgeting. Officer Mackenzie was worried about the move and couldn’t see Kingos’s hand.” Said Guardieri. “He opened the driver’s side of the door, when Kingos turned around and began to aggressively kick and resist Officer Mackenzie.”

Shortly thereafter, Kings pulled a semi-automatic pistol out of his waistband and fired at a police officer, according to the sheriff’s office. The suspect then escaped from the scene on foot.

Body camera footage released on Tuesday shows a shooting involving St. Pete’s police officers.
(Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office)

According to FOX 13 Tampabay, “Kingos fired a round and, as Officer Kuznetsov explained,’literally hit his head,'” said Guardieri. “He said he could hear a round sound in his head. It was very close.”

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Only 29 seconds have passed since Mackenzie left the cruiser, officials said, before Kingos allegedly fired a gun at a police officer. Sheriffs said Kingos’s guns were clogged and the suspect may not have been able to fire additional ammunition.

“”[If not for that] The gun jam would have fired him a few more rounds, and of course I don’t know what the outcome would be-it might not have been good, “Gualtieri said.

Around that time, Officer Mackenzie fired a weapon and attacked Kingos on his lower limbs. Officers tracked Kingos and he was detained.

During detention, police officers immediately provided first aid to Kingos until the arrival of paramedics, according to the sheriff’s office.

According to authorities, Kingos will be charged with one breach of a protective injunction and two attempted murders against law enforcement officers.

The case was created to confirm that the investigation conducted on the use of deadly force by law enforcement agencies was “thorough, complete, and objective”, the use of deadly force in Pinellas County. Investigated by the Investigation Task Force.

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According to the sheriff’s office, police officers involved in the shooting will be put on paid leave.

Florida Suspect’s Gun Jam-Sheriff says shortly after police officers avoided being shot in the head

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