Florida man accused of killing and burying his girlfriend, officials say

A Florida man was arrested on Monday after allegedly killing and burying his girlfriend, officials said.

Lakeland’s Jason Robinson, 37, also attacked a corresponding agent who tried to handcuff him at an unincorporated Polk County couple’s residence about 50 miles southwest of Orlando. I have been accused of doing so.

According to the Pork County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO), Robinson’s mother contacted Auburndale police around 8:30 pm on Saturday and said her son had killed her girlfriend.

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Jason Robinson, 37, has been accused of killing and burying his girlfriend. (Pork County Sheriff’s Office)

According to officials, a PCSO agent arrived at the couple’s RV, checked their health, and Robinson provided him with the wrong name and date of birth. The sheriff’s office said the adjutant admitted Robinson because he examined his photo before he arrived at the scene.

“When the adjutant began detaining Robinson in handcuffs, Robinson attacked him violently,” the sheriff’s office said. “Robinson managed to get rid of his lieutenant’s radio and taser gun and try to suffocate his lieutenant.”

Officials said the two Witnesses came with the help of an adjutant to help Robinson handcuff.

According to the sheriff’s office, when additional agents arrived at the scene, they noticed two chairs and a small table sitting on the pallet next to the RV door.

Authorities added that the victim’s body was found buried under a pallet.

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Robinson was arrested on charges of one murder, possession of firearms by a convicted serious offender, falsification of evidence, and assault on law enforcement officers (LEOs).

“I can’t thank the two witnesses who jumped in to help my agent during a fierce battle with a very violent man. If they weren’t involved, this would have been before. It would have been much worse than that, and I would like to express my condolences to the victims’ families. ” Sheriff Gray Dijad, Pork County, said.

Robinson has been imprisoned in state prisons four times since 2005, according to the sheriff’s office. His recent release from prison was January 2021.

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He also has a “wide criminal record” in Illinois, Delaware, Mississippi, and North Carolina, officials added.

Florida man accused of killing and burying his girlfriend, officials say

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