Florida Homecoming Queen Indicted as Adult in Election Scandal

Pensacola, Florida-A high school student in Florida is accused of tampering with school elections and charged as an adult.

Emily Glover and her mother, Laura Carroll, Vice-Principal of Bellevue Elementary School, told the district’s student data system that authorities would cast hundreds of fraudulent votes to Glover in the return queen elections at Tate High. The school was arrested in March after authorities said it used special access.

Glover was arrested at the age of 17. She turned 18 on April 16th.

“This is not uncommon for young people of that age. Juveniles (courts) cannot do anything or supervise after the age of 18, so it makes sense to move to an adult court that can effectively supervise It makes sense, “said the assistant. State lawyer John Morchan.

Glover is charged as an adult, but courts can still impose juvenile sanctions.

March 16:Florida Vice-Principal, Daughter Arrested in Returning Queen Voting Scandal

Carol remains free with a $ 6,000 bond and Glover is free with a $ 2,000 bond. The prosecution said the mother and daughter could each be sentenced to up to 16 years in prison.

The next court day for Grover and Carroll is May 14th due to their complaint.

They are each prosecuted below:

  • Crimes against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks, and electronic devices (three felony)
  • Illegal use of two-way communication equipment (three felony)
  • Criminal use of personally identifiable information (three felony)
  • Conspiracy to commit these crimes (first-class misdemeanor)

In October 2020, the Escambia County School District Election Software Application reported hundreds of votes fraudulent in the return election, and the school district contacted the Florida Law Enforcement Authority. According to authorities, the investigation revealed that the two eventually voted 246 fraudulent votes between the two devices.

At about the same time, the district student coordinator was informed that Glover was talking about accessing the entire district to vote using her mother’s FOCUS account, according to the arrest warrant. FOCUS is a student data system that gives parents, teachers and students access to information such as grades and health records.

The survey also found that Glover was openly using his mother’s account to access other student profiles. Law enforcement officers collected nine statements from students and teachers and said they either heard Glover talking about accessing the account or saw her log on to the account for four years.

FDLE spokeswoman Jessica Cary said investigations into the issue are still underway.

Florida Homecoming Queen Indicted as Adult in Election Scandal

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