Florida bar associations close after hundreds of patrons gather without masks or social distance

The popular outdoor bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, closed after hundreds of patrons gathered over the weekend. Photos and videos taken at Wharf on Friday and Saturday show that maskless patrons are standing nearby in violation of Broward County’s coronavirus safety guidance.

The bar was closed by county officials by 11 pm on Saturday after attracting hundreds of guests, Broward Mayor Steve Geller told South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The wharf was scheduled to be closed for at least 24 hours, but management announced on Twitter that it would remain temporarily closed on Twitter.

“Unfortunately, due to the surge in incidents across the state and local regulations, it will be temporarily closed,” the tweet read. “Once we can provide you with the right experience in our beautiful outdoor venue, we will resume. Stay safe and look forward to it!”

Broward County emergency guidance requires people to wear face covers in public, at least 6 feet away from others, avoiding groups and crowded areas, and practicing social distance. I urge everyone.

“Residents are encouraged to patronize local businesses that comply with the guidelines while continuing to comply with corporate requirements for responsible personal hygiene, social distance, and resumption,” the county guidance said. I am.

Geller told Sun-Sentinel, “They leave us no choice but to shut them down,” if the facility does not require patrons to wear masks.

“Our goal is not to close the business,” he continued. “To ensure compliance. If you have to deliberately shut down a business that violates the law, it may send a message. They must obey our orders for the safety of the public. No. ” has contacted Geller and is waiting for a reply.

Broward County also has a business complaint tracker to record companies that follow the guidelines. A total of 2,139 warnings and citations were issued to local businesses, most of which were due to non-compliance with hygiene requirements.

Wharf co-owner Emilio “Emi” Guerra told Sun Sentinel that the county lawyer visited the facility three times on Saturdays at 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm, and said the bar violated the guidelines. Was quoted. A video by J Brown, who told that he walked by the pier around 6:30 pm on Saturday night, still shows a place full of patrons.

Nearby Sunrise Mayor Mike Ryan said a photo of the packed pier was sent to him on Friday and shared with fellow mayors in the county.

Mayor Mike Ryan of Sunrise said a photo from the pier was sent to him on Friday and transferred to a fellow mayor of Broward County.

“Someone sent me this photo from where Broward was last night,” Ryan emailed a colleague. I shared it with .

“Air and Sea Show, college students are back and the weather is nice, so we need to enforce the current limits on distance and capacity. If this is not a violation of the current Broward. [Emergency Order]After that, we lose all our ability to prevent Broward and South Florida from becoming hotspots, and heaven helps us, “he writes.

In an email to , Ryan said during this time Rapid increase in COVID-19 disease, “We need businesses and patrons to act responsibly to protect workers, communities and the economy.”

“In Florida, you can eat and get together outside, but you still have to follow the distance and mask recommendations,” he continued. “Businesses that cannot deny or enforce local obligations will be fined and in some cases closed. Therefore, if you want to help protect your business and your work, you must follow the recommended mitigation strategy.”

According to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, Broward County has the highest number in the country, with 101,059 confirmed cases and 1,626 deaths.

According to the Florida Department of Health, Florida reports at least 938,414 cases and 17,991 deaths. There were 6,435 new cases identified in the state on 21 November, of which 765 were in Broward County.

In many states, daily cases and positive rates have increased recently, and authorities are enforcing stricter guidelines to encourage Americans not to gather with large groups or non-family members. I will. During the upcoming vacation.

Florida bar associations close after hundreds of patrons gather without masks or social distance

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