FlavorFlav Two sides of a household battery case

Las Vegas – Entertainer Flavor Flab will fight domestic battery charging for misdemeanors caused by a conflict with his girlfriend at his home in the suburbs of Las Vegas, his lawyer said Tuesday.

A 62-year-old former rapper, hip-hop, and reality TV star (formally known as William Jonathan Sandlayton Jr.) was arrested late October 4 after Henderson police were asked to report a domestic uproar at home. According to police, the city’s Green Valley district.

According to a criminal accusation filed in Henderson City Court on Tuesday, he was accused of stealing a phone from her hand by grabbing or poking a woman’s face.

Records show that Drayton was released from prison on October 5 with a $ 3,000 bond on court day October 25.

The suspect was identified in court and police documents as a person with whom Drayton was dating and a minor child in common. Her name has been edited.

Police reported that their son had intervened to stop the brawl when his parents separated and his mother rushed towards Drayton. Officers reported a small cut on the side of the woman’s face that “matched the quarrel that was occurring.”


Henderson police spokeswoman Katrina Farrell said there was no information as to whether the alleged victim needed treatment.

“In cases of suspected domestic violence, the story often has two sides, and we will explain our side in court,” Drayton’s lawyers David Chesnov and Richard Schoenfeld said in a statement. I did. The arrest was first reported by the celebrity website TMZ.

Flavor Flav’s official persona includes attaching a large watch to the chain around the neck. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013 with the Public Enemy Group. Public Enemy began in the New York area in 1986.

Drayton has a criminal history, including arrests and convictions for traffic violations. In 1991, he was sentenced to one month in prison for assaulting his girlfriend at the time. Three months behind the bar for shooting a neighbor in New York in 1993.

In the October 2012 case, he was arrested for felony after being accused of intimidating him by wielding a knife at his home in Las Vegas, chasing and threatening his then-fiancé’s 17-year-old son.


The case ended in 2014 after Drayton pleaded guilty to attempted misdemeanor, conducted probation, and completed the required domestic violence counseling course.

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FlavorFlav Two sides of a household battery case

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