“Five” blows up leftist activists blaming police officers while minority areas seek more help

The “The Five” panel rang on Monday after another deadly weekend in the country’s major liberal cities.

Dozens were shot dead in Chicago, several were killed, shootings took place in the popular Washington nightlife area, and robbers beat a meaningless old man in New York City.

In the latter case, the NYPD released a video of a city bike robber who attacked a 68-year-old man in Brooklyn’s New Lot, stole valuables and injured the ground. The criminal union has accused the city and state governments of the “failed” crime software law that led to the case.

Host Greg Gutfeld said that many of the “police defense” activities that led to these chronic crimes were “white leftists” from groups like Antifa who demanded police funding on behalf of the minority community. Pointed out the fact that it is mainly promoted by. There are reports that black community leaders are demanding more police. One such leader in Brooklyn recently accused Mayor Bill de Blasio of “living in a fantasy world” for that reason.

“”[A]Ctivists there [are] We talk about cash flow more than anyone else-and they don’t have to endure the consequences. “

Host Dagen McDowell agreed, calling dynamic another example of “soft prejudice.”

“People on the left ignored this during the past year and a half, which had hurt communities throughout major cities, especially black and Latino communities,” she said in 2000 by President George W. It evoked the term that was created. .. Bush blamed “low expectations” and gave them to students from poor and minority communities.

“But only when they arrived at the front door, like a shooting in Washington, DC, they started flying about it,” she added. – Especially, it took time to name the gorgeous French restaurant he was in when the shooting happened.

McDowell further amplifies public “pessimism” over public security issues by arguing that Democratic politicians such as Governor Gavin Newsom oppose the “reality” seen by everyday Americans. I commented that it was done. Newsam argued that while crime in California has declined in the long run, theft and other crimes have recurred in San Francisco and elsewhere.

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President Biden says Democrats want to “refund police” even though Democrats such as Missouri’s Cori Bush and Massachusetts’ Ayanna Pressley support the cause. He insisted he never said.

In addition, Cedric Richmond, a former Democrat from New Orleans and Biden’s top adviser, confirmed the facts when he insisted on Fox News that Congressional Republicans were seeking law enforcement defense.

“Left: They are forced dishonest and irreparably stupid of not being able to see the faces of all Americans,” McDowell concludes.

“Five” blows up leftist activists blaming police officers while minority areas seek more help

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