Female hoop coaches find creative ways to meet their schedule

Louisville women’s basketball coach Jeff Waltz knows that the coronavirus could cause the match to be abandoned at the last minute of the season.

So he created a group textbook with fellow coaches at about 12 schools within driving distance. If the game is canceled late, there is a quick way to see if someone else can play for you.

If it seems chaotic and unplanned, welcome to the 2020-21 college basketball season. In the week leading up to the chip-off, some teams have only a handful of games planned, while others line up bus rides and home-and-home series like a baseball minor league.

“As soon as I know that the game has been canceled, I ask,” Does anyone need a game? ” He said. “We all talked, except for some teams in the same league, such as Ohio State University, Indiana State University, and Purdue University. We agreed to play if there was an opening. At home or away. I understand that. “

Waltz said he got the idea from his friend Scott Davenport, Bellermine’s men’s basketball coach.

“I thought I had to do everything I could as a coach to provide as many safe playing opportunities as possible,” Waltz said. “It was one hell in 2020. I don’t think it will improve in early 2021. The responsibility is to run out of all the resources needed to give these student athletes the opportunity to play. is. “

Last week, about 20 schools were posted looking for games on the schedule board of the basketball traveler’s website.

Arizona coach Adia Burns takes it one step further. Twitter to find a game..

“I lost two games last week. The hard part is navigating the various meetings and their travel bans,” Barnes said. “When you’re a coach and you have to rely on Twitter to find a game, it’s comical. There are still two games, eight days before they open. They’re the era we’re in.”

Non-conference games aren’t the only ones that have forced creativity in scheduling. Many meetings have been reformatted to make play safer and more prone. Leagues like the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference have been modified to play the same team twice at home on certain weekends. It was the fourth iteration of their meeting schedule.

“The more we learn about viruses and their infections, the more it makes sense to condense travel,” said MAAC Commissioner Rich Ensor. “We play on the same site on Friday and Saturday, mainly to make testing easier. We spent a lot of time on the schedule.”

The Patriot League will be changed to a three-part format this season, and the team will play four games against opponents in each region from January. Additional league games will be played outside the mini-conference to complete the 16-game regular season schedule. The difference between the Patriot League and other meetings is that teams play home-and-home sets every weekend and move back and forth between campuses. This isn’t too bad for some schools, but it sets up a potentially long bus trip on the Army, Holy Cross, Boston University, and Colgate match days.

“Our president felt that reducing travel and eliminating overnight as much as possible was the best way for us to proceed,” said Jennifer Heppel, Patriot League Commissioner. .. “That’s why you look at the house and some of the houses. You’ll have to monitor so many areas over the next two months. Playing in January may change in the future. This is the model. was.”

According to Heppel, the number of meetings has increased from about 70 night trips last year to 10 this season.

“The trip we used was a one-way guideline of about 200 miles, which says a one-day trip is acceptable,” she said. “The great thing is that it’s very easy to adapt. It’s not only a pandemic, it’s also the weather. We always adapt to the weather in the basketball season. If it’s not safe to leave, stay. 1 You might consider coming early. “

Patriot League schools play conference games only this season, with the exception of the Army and Navy. The service academy has been granted an exemption. Due to their military involvement, their players will not be able to maintain the one-year qualification granted by the NCAA.

“The academy has a variety of missions,” said Army coach Dave Magality. “The president understands that we are in a unique situation and children are not allowed to wear red shirts. That’s great. “


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Female hoop coaches find creative ways to meet their schedule

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