Far right proclamation

Miller’s arrest happened at the same time With the biggest crackdown on white supremacists since the heyday of the clan. In April, the Justice Department charged 13 “patriots” on charges of including a sedition conspiracy. Among them was Beam, an online organizer. Richard Butler, leader of Aryan Nations. Five alleged members of the order. Miller closed the deal: In exchange for the reduction in the huge accusations he was facing, he helped federal prosecutors prove that men had created a national network of terrorism.

The sedition trial in Fort Smith, Arkansas was an unmitigated disaster. In the history of her white supremacism Bring the war home, The University of Chicago historian Kathleen Belieu shows how the movement wages a systematic war against the federal government. Sertero, recruiting soldiers, procuring stolen military weapons, LibertyNet computer network. “Despite this clear evidence, the jury will acquit everything,” she wrote. [the] defendant. “

Miller’s testimony helped to attack the incident with a torpedo. While he tied orders to Aryan Nations, paramilitary activities, and stolen cash, the FBI captured white supremacists and his own because “Jewish Communists” ran the country. The group said it turned to military tactics. After the trial, a jury told The Associated Press that he “did not believe in government witnesses.”

The ruling was the biggest setback for prosecution of a white hatred group since the Greensboro massacre. Larger, in fact: The federal government withdrew from the pursuit of white supremacy as a movement and instead focused on isolated crime. As a result, the growing white underground dots remain unconnected at the very moment when the movement becomes even more intense.

Meanwhile, Miller has become a bystander. After he served in federal prison for only three years, the federal government gave him a new identity. Frazier Glenn Close helped him set up in Missouri and got a job as a long-distance truck driver. .. “Circuit Breaker, Breaker One Nine” He dragged a CB radio while driving. “Does any of the redneck there want to chat with the Grand Dragon for a while?”

He is busy at the forefront of the Internet and has posted over 12,000 messages on the websites of the Racist and Anti-Semitic Vanguard News Network. He spoke there with Joseph Paul Franklin, a serial killer and synagogue bomber executed by Missouri in 2013, and wrote about raising funds. Bomb Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade in Spokane.

But in reality, Miller became more and more lonely and lonely. For one thing, the long and violent road he traveled began to catch up with his family. He told people at the age of 17 that his youngest child, Michael Gunjer Miller, bombed the “Negrocrack House” in 1996. In fact, Mike has a Molotov cocktail with a black man and his white girlfriend. Mike Miller left prison two years later and died in a car accident.

On his way to Mike’s grave, his other son, Jesse, also crashed his car. When a bystander approached, Jesse killed him-no one understood why-and then went into a shootout with the police officer who shot and killed Jesse. By 2008, Mike and Jesse lay under a matching gray tombstone, each with an inscription containing number 88, meaning “Heil Hitler” (“HH”).

The movement was beyond him as much as Miller wanted to be the far right player again. He appeared as a freak show guest on Howard Stern’s radio show in 2010, but VNN users accused him of being a traitor for his judicial deal. Even dredging the old story when North Carolina police found him in the car with a black transgender sex worker named Peach’s, they talked all about him and ridiculed him for not taking action. did. (When someone asked about it, Miller explained that he had a long history of running around to defeat a gay black man.)

Far right proclamation

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