Fans share a heartwarming story of an incredible encounter with DMX in the hospital


Twitter users write a long thread that reminds them of how the “Party Up (Up in Here)” rapper confided to her about her child and grandmother while talking on a plane.

AceShowbiz -Many people are sending their prayers to DMX During his hospital stay, one particular fan has a rapper in mind for another reason. A Twitter user named Jen Fraser visited a microblogging site on Tuesday, April 6th to elaborate on her unique encounter with a sick star.

Jen began her heartwarming story by telling her followers about her trip to San Diego with her stepdaughter. During their flight, she sat next to a “famous” person “towing his aides.” But she didn’t understand who he was until he introduced himself as “D, @ DMX”.

They later had a real conversation about social media and listened to the “Hamilton” soundtrack together. He also confided to her about racial issues, imprisonment, children’s worries, and grandmother’s illness.

Fan thread about DMX encounters

“He talked about his children, he has a lot of children. He is worried about them and is a father who returns to talk about her influence in his life with his grandmother and her influence as a parent. I told me how much I enjoyed being. ” “He talked about her illness, cancer. He talked about his faith.”

At the end of the flight, DMX asked for the fan’s phone number and asked her if she and her stepdaughter would come to his performance as his guest. She initially thought he was polite and gave me a phone number, but later that night I called and asked to see him at the hotel.

Fan thread about DMX encounters

From there, they boarded a bus for DMX’s aides and took them to the concert venue. Jen remembered that DMX was polite and “very kind” to the house staff. She then closed the thread, praising DMX as “a talented artist, a loving father, and a kind soul.”

She also revealed her desire that anyone could hear his song about his grandmother, as she was treated to some unpublished cuts during the flight. “I hope they release a song about his grandmother, I remember it being very different and personal,” she wrote.

Fan thread about DMX encounters

DMX is currently admitted to White Plains Hospital in New York after having a heart attack due to an overdose at home on Friday, April 2. His brain shows little activity. He will take a series of tests on Wednesday to determine the level of brain function.

Meanwhile, according to previous reports, DMX managers confirmed that Stars tested positive for COVID-19 during hospitalization. But the first story brought by VladTV is XXL “DMX does not have COVID-19 according to official sources. The latest information on his current status will be announced later today.”

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