Famous hip-hop producer convicted of running a prostitution business

Hip-hop producer Marie Mall, famous for co-starring with Snoop Dogg, Nick Cannon and Chris Brown, was sentenced to 33 months in prison for running a prostitution business in Las Vegas.

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According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Marie Mall (real name Jamal Rashid) was investigated by the FBI in 2014 and “convinced, induced, and seduced hundreds of women to engage in prostitution across state boundaries. , Caused. ”

Authorities said Marie Mall had earned millions of dollars through illegal escort operations in 12 years. The women were considered “independent contractors” and paid half of the money they earned to his business. Some of the women, called “priority girls,” gave Marie Mall almost all of their revenue.

According to the Review-Journal, “priority girls” can only earn $ 10 out of the thousands of dollars they earn per day. In exchange, Marie Mall gave them the use of housing and cars. However, a federal agent said he had incredible control, banned women from dating so far and demanded that he send him a text message when he left home. He also put trackers on the cameras of their cars and their condos to make sure his demands were met. The woman also had to get his permission before seeing an obstetrician and gynecologist.

“They couldn’t talk to any of the blacks because they could be prostitutes,” said Judge Gloria Navarro of the US District Court. “This was mostly a form of imprisonment or enslavement.”

According to court documents, women were advised to tattoo Marie Mall to show their loyalty. Officials said some of the women were led to believe that he would give them a big break in the entertainment business.


Marie Mall, who also appeared on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” pleated a plea in 2019 using an interstate highway facility to support illegal activity. He was sentenced to one to 33 months in prison. On May 13, the judge ruled him the most, especially after prosecutors claimed that Marie Mall had contacted the victim as recently as this week. After Marie Mall is sentenced to imprisonment, he faces three years of supervision.

“I hope this really takes. I hope you receive this message. You were really lucky,” the judge told hip-hop mogul in his ruling. “If you do this again, you’ll spend the rest of your life in jail.”

He must surrender until August 13.

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Famous hip-hop producer convicted of running a prostitution business

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