Family struggled to pay funeral expenses and damaged home after a deadly fire

San Antonio – Alfredo Hernandez survived the flames that burned down his Southside home on Tuesday, but died Tuesday night after failing to survive the injuries associated with smoke inhalation.

Hernandez, a lifelong resident of San Antonio, had just celebrated her 73rd birthday in February.

His granddaughter, Valerinikol Booth, who lives in Dallas, said his family had the opportunity to celebrate with him via FaceTime.

“I remember the timing of his face on this birthday. I was surprised when my dad brought the cake. When he came back with the cake, Grandpa’s face became bright and I was very excited. “It was,” said Booth.

Hernandez has been the caretaker of the South Side for 25 years, very proud of his work and married to the love of his life.

“He was the most humble man. He had been married to the love of his life for 35 years,” Booth said. “Our grandma died of cancer in 2007.”

Hernandez, who was tied to a wheelchair, was battling several health problems that caused her amputation. According to Booth, the Fireteam was able to find him in a wheelchair and take him out of the building from behind his house.


“So he stayed here all day while my dad was working and was in his room just watching TV, but you smell the fire and you see When he had a fire that was inaccessible like most of us, he was in his room and found him every time a firefighter came, “booth said.

Hernandez was taken to the Brook Army Medical Center and treated for smoke inhalation, but he died that night. According to Booth, Hernandez had no homeowners insurance and no life insurance.

“There was no life insurance or homeowners insurance, so our family now needs to rebuild everything they can and pick up what they can do with what’s left,” Booth said.

Family members seek as much help as possible because they face unexpected costs associated with funeral arrangements.

“As you know, what are our options? What is the minimum price? Do you need a prayer card? If so, how extra would it be,” Booth said. ..


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Family struggled to pay funeral expenses and damaged home after a deadly fire

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