Family looks back on last year’s changes at Thanksgiving

There have been many changes over the past year, with many families gathering for the first time before COVID-19.

Fort Worth, Texas — Last half last year felt like a lifetime to many. This holiday season feels different.

“It’s been about two years since we got together,” said Crystal Grandel, who was visiting Sundance Square with her family. “We were really excited to get together, love each other and have a great time.”

Grandel is engaged in healthcare. COVID-19 has killed nearly 80,000 Texas people, but vaccination had not started on Thanksgiving Day 2020. Approximately 18.5 million Texas people received at least one COVID vaccine this year.

“We have lost some loved ones,” Grandel said. “I think it just gives more purpose to what Thanksgiving is and the time to thank each other.”

Stephanie and Richard Edgett were also in dozens of families who went to Sundance Square to take pictures on Thanksgiving Day.

“It was quiet all the time last year, wasn’t it?” Stephanie said. “We zoomed in on people. We skyped people. We had a quiet meal at home, just the food we made for them.”

This Christmas, they will be hosting a packed house.

“As I learned last year, I don’t always get it, so I’m grateful for the time I spent together,” Richard said.

It’s a time of year when stressful highways and airport routes come around, but it’s also a time to get together and look back.

“My family and my friends. They’re always available when you need them,” said 13-year-old Mattie Philson. “I think it’s really important that your family is in a difficult time and you can spend time with them.”

“Thank you for everyone’s health,” said Mattie’s mother, Crystal Filson. “Yeah, healthy.”

“As they grow up and have children, it gets better and better each year,” said Toni Grandel.

Even in the toughest years, there is the biggest reason to be grateful. Accept stress and long travel days this year. This year, all of us can accept it again.

“When you start circling around other people again, you realize the life they bring to you and the love they bring to you,” Grandel said.

Family looks back on last year’s changes at Thanksgiving

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