Faith-based group puts $ 100,000 on bail for nine Dallas prisoners

“Just build a relationship and let people know we’re here for you, and we hope you’ll succeed,” said Mark Walters, Jr. of Faith, Texas. ..

Dallas County, Texas — Nine former inmates left Dallas County Jail on Thursday afternoon. This is due to a faith-based group to ensure that poverty is not one of the reasons men and women remain trapped.

As promised the day before, it was an effort by the Texas group faith. The “multi-ethnic, multi-faith grassroots movement” is dedicated to raising funds to drive people accused of low-level crimes out of prisons awaiting trial. They raise bail so that the poor cannot do it themselves and give them the opportunity to get out of jail like the rich.

“Individuals are shocked that they are.” Wow, the church [sic] Would you like to bail us? Mark Walters, Jr., the organizer of Faith’s bail fund in Texas, said he was trying to send bail to as many people as possible every Friday.

But on Thursday, the Texas Faith arrived with $ 100,000 at hand: enough to release an additional nine prisoners.

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“How are you doing? How are you feeling?” Walters told one of the first men to be released.

“I was really blessed,” he replied.

The released prisoners were given the opportunity to call family and friends and were given $ 100 as an additional Christmas gift.

Robin Wilkes, who admits he was arrested for shoplifting a few days after Halloween on Rockwall, was one of the first groups to be released.

“I didn’t accept it at first. I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “It’s loving. It’s loving. Love is good.”

Faith in Texas also invested $ 10,000 on bail for Willy McNeely. He has been in prison in Dallas County since September, awaiting theft in the next court in January, he said.

“I’m just grateful and grateful to this organization and people. You know what I mean,” McNeely said. “I was surprised. I was overwhelmed. There are butterflies. I can stand here and talk to you, knowing that I can go home and talk to people and spend Christmas with them. I’m happy. It’s a fun Christmas spirit. “

Faith in Texas wants to do this as long as donations to their efforts allow.

“We want to build relationships, let people know that we are here for you, and hope you succeed,” Walters said.

Gift of Freedom McNeely promises not to waste. Not this time. It’s not Christmas this year.

“Thank you for interviewing everyone. I am grateful to everyone,” he said before returning to the South Oak Cliff family. “I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a New Year.”

Faith-based group puts $ 100,000 on bail for nine Dallas prisoners

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